Oppo Watch 46 mm

Oppo Watch 46 mm Review: Bigger and better

After GIGA tested the 41 mm model of the Oppo Watch, we have now also pre-buttoned the largest model with LTE in the test. The Oppo Watch with 46 mm does a lot better, but still has some weaknesses.

The Oppo Watch 41mm and 46mm are very similar. In this test, we will only go into the differences. The 46mm Oppo Watch is actually the smartwatch that we waited for after its launch in China. The 41 mm model has a flat display, while the larger version has rounded sides. A unique feature that we really like. It is still somewhat similar to the Apple Watch, but it has a unique selling point. The screen is also very pleasant to use thanks to the rounded shape, which is an advantage over the flat version. It is also not so bulky.

The larger model is not only characterized by the display, but also by a larger battery. So you can easily get a running time of more than a day, sometimes even two days, before the Oppo Watch has to be plugged in again. Nothing has changed in terms of performance. There are noticeable delays here and there. We couldn’t try the LTE modem. This makes you more independent of your mobile phone and allows you to stay on the network while on the move. We would have liked the 46mm model to come as a WiFi version. The price of 399 euros seems a bit too high.

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In the end, the Oppo Watch performs better than the 41 mm version at 46 mm, but something needs to be done in terms of performance for the next generation. The Apple Watch is superior in this regard and we are in the price range.

Oppo Watch with 46 mm in test: Rating

  1. Design and workmanship: 8/10
  2. Display: 8/10
  3. Carrying comfort and operation: 8/10
  4. Software and equipment: 7/10
  5. Fitness modes: 8/10
  6. Battery: 8/10
  7. Overall: 7.8 / 10


Oppo Watch 46mm Test: A beautiful smartwatch

The rounded design of the larger Oppo Watch on the sides makes a big difference. It is more pleasant to slide across the screen. Although the smartwatch is bigger, it doesn’t appear as bulky. While you can otherwise run into problems with a 46 mm watch with narrow wrists, as it can seem too powerful, this is not the case here. Information can be better read on the large display during training. Otherwise, the Oppo Watch with 46 mm does not differ from the version with 41 mm. There are the same buttons and most of the controls are via the touchscreen.

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The Oppo Watch 46 mm has a significantly larger battery than the 41 mm model and therefore lasts much longer. More than a day is easy with intensive use. I always had the display switched on and also activated the gesture in which the smartwatch unlocks when I tilt my wrist. Still it wasn’t a problem to get more than a day. If you use the watch a little more sparingly, two days are possible or more. In energy-saving mode there are many more days, but then the range of functions is limited.

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If you use the LTE function extensively, the runtime should of course not be that long. We couldn’t try it out for a smartwatch due to the lack of a contract. However, the smartwatch did well in WiFi mode with short tours on the bike and a few sports activities. Just like the 41mm model, the Oppo Watch 46mm also charges very quickly.

The Oppo Watch 41 mm has a poor battery life, the model with 46 mm and LTE is too expensive. As mentioned above, a 46 mm version with WiFi would be perfect for less than 300 euros. If you want a smartwatch that runs easily for more than a day, you can only choose the 46 mm version. Here we would have liked a little more leeway from Oppo. Maybe it will work with the next generation and then, please, with higher performance.

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