Download Firmware TP-Link TL-WR940N

TP-Link TL-WR940N Firmware Download. Use the Router only as a WLAN switch. Reception problems disappeared since.. Ping has decreased / increased by approximately 30%.. Download speed increased wlan to 12MB / s. (before I arrived via wifi to 5MB / s). Hab as ISP cable Germany. The Easy Box previously also ran always hot. Summarizing I would send my I in the past once the link to this unit and save so a lot of searches on Amazon me. The Wi-Fi router does uninterruptedly his service, I never turn it off. Until now I had him – nothing like its predecessor – not restart, because he has hanged himself. I use only the routing function to the internet and therefore can not say anything about the other functions. The device provides all other devices in the entire house a very good connection quality. The range is at least 50 meters, because I in the garden in the lower terrace\’ve knotless reception itself. Dirt has come my old TP-Link router with 3 antennas only 2-3 of 5 bar back and the connection now and then broke off. Even in my garage and the workshop come the radio signals in good quality. I had not been. Good wireless router at a very faiern price.
TP-Link TL-WR940N Router Firmware Download
Replaces the WLAN inexpensive the ancient Fritz box, which was only required for Wi-Fi, with significantly higher transmission power. Settings with the upstream cable modem are included in the automatic configuration via CD. The setting using the installation CD (in German) is recommended and easy for non-experts, especially since the print instructions are only in English. The computers have connected immediately. The BlueRay player wanted to go have the password entry, the printer needed a couple of reboots, now everything is going well. The streaming of movies running much smoother.
TP-Link TL-WR940N Firmware Download

Download Firmware Router TP-Link TL-WR940N

Download Firmware WLAN Router TP-Link TL-WR940N
Since I I connected the WLAN router in each room, a super connection. Unfortunately, you can not hang on the wall the router. But that is the only drawback, if you can say so. Have ordered the router, because I had only a primitive access point and this did not have enough power brought. Since I did not manage to set a Fritz Box as AC, I had fears whether this router as easy to install goes. And indeed, plug and play! and the thing worked by itself, did not even need to perform the Quick Start Guide. Clean working tp link I highly recommend this unit to anyone. Good things for good money! No more problems with interrupted wireless signal plus easy installation. I use the machine as a KD-customer as a substitute for the DLink router, with whom I always had my problems and I have used this eventually replaced by this copy.
Download TP-Link TL-WR940N Firmware Router
I bought the device to my old Arcor Wlan Router phase out. This was not completely illuminate our EFH able. With the TL-WR940 ceases to this problem. We have 2 equipped with Chromecast TV. Both can be easily simultaneously on the wireless router, without causing significant stuttering. Strong buy recommendation. I selected this router because I have already had good experience with a product from TP-Link. In particular, what that connect to a cable-BW Router concerns. It was easy and the included installation CD performs perfectly, quickly and easily through the first steps without unnecessary!

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Download Utility TP-Link TL-WR940N
Download Firmware TP-Link TL-WR940N

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