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Making the most interesting articles and useful would be an important concern to the new Blogger. Blogging with writing articles most searched on Google also can bring in revenue. Therefore, how to seo needs to be used to create a blog with the latest template. The reference can be derived from google seo.

How to write articles could as seo services, but paid. The goal of the blog articles meet the elements in the quality seo so quickly in google index, appearing on the first page of google, and got a Google PageRank or Alexa. For the beginner blogger, simply by using free submitter has been very helpful to get backlinks.

Making the most read articles on the internet, there are also rules. Therefore, Blogger must pay attention to the use of punctuation and language rules are good and right. This is so quick blog article in accordance with the Googlebot indexes keywords typed internet users.

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Examples of such articles on education, computer tutorials, papers health, the environment, speeches, tips and medical equipment, etc. Therefore, make a quality post, original, with the topics most widely read people on the internet.

Articles of interest, usually themed topics is a trend, rising, hot, or be the talk of the people on the internet. So, we can make a post that leads to the most frequently typed keywords that Internet users in the search engine Google.

Topic / theme of the article below is the most widely sought after internet users. In addition to having fun, readers also seek information or the latest news needed. Media and theme / topic applies in all categories of news and articles.

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     Facebook, Gmail, Youtube.
     Download lyrics, song mp3 free, mp4 video.
     Favorite online game.
     Store your laptop, mobile phone price, cheap power bank.
     Samsung and Blackberry product reviews.
     Health and beauty tips.
     Internet Tricks, SEO, online business.
     Home loans or car.
     Tourist attractions.
     Info ID, job.
     Definition / language terms.
     Today\’s news football / artist.
     Adult stories, funny pictures.
     Automotive, motor modification.
     Investment gold, forex, stocks.

Blogs are best when they\’re on a particular niche or category / specific, or just review the topic / theme specific. For example, niche / category business and investment, health and beauty niche, niche information and news, niche product reviews, or simply review articles seo and blogging alone.

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Niche or specific categories facilitate submit blog in social bookmarking, or quickly applied to enroll in the DMOZ open directory project which will automatically be in the Google index, Netscape Search, AOL Search, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit, etc. So, the blog does not need to submit manually to many search engines in the world.

In addition, create a blog sitemap, robots.txt, use Feedburner, and English-language blogs easily accepted if signed in Technorati. Back to the topic, then please experiment with using Google Adwords, Google Analytics and yup.

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