StarTech DK30ADD Drivers – Dual Monitor USB 3.0 Docking Station Download

StarTech DK30ADD Drivers – Dual Monitor USB 3.0 Docking Station Download

Download StarTech DK30ADD drivers USB 3.0 Docking Station – Dual Monitor Laptop Docking Station with HDMI & DVI/VGA Video – 6-port USB 3.1 Gen 1 5Gbps Hub, GbE, Audio – Universal Type-A Dock – Windows & Mac OS. I bought StarTech DK30ADD cheaply as a warehouse deal. Functioning perfectly, in particular I can really operate 2 monitors independently of each other using VGA and HDMI. That didn’t work with the cheaper USB-C adapters.

StarTech DK30ADD Drivers & Short Review

Since i had an i-mac 21 inch with only one tb connection, i needed another one for an external ssd with tb – works perfectly. Delivery was nice a prompt (given the current COVID 19 Lockdown). The StarTech DK30ADD  dock itself worked without issue on my Windows 10 laptop and Dell P2412H monitors, which are connected via the DVI port.

Setup was effortless, no need for drivers and everything worked right away. The rapid charging ports on the front are a lifesaver, with the unit providing ample USB connectivity on the rear too. A good buy that saved me having to mess around with port adapters and was literally plug and play out of the box.

I use my MacBook Pro 15″ Retina for home and work. At Work I use Bootcamp to run as Window machine which is where I use this dock. I connect to 2 monitors, keyboard, mouse and headset. Plus a Gigbit LAN connection. The monitors I use are older and I use a DVI and GVA connection.

The dock came well packed with simple to follow instructions. It was easy and quick to set up. It’s quick and easy to connect and start by just plugging in the USB cable. The box and base plate are solid and look well made. If you are using the older monitors the screen resolution of 1920 shouldn’t be an issue but if you’re going to use more modern higher resolution monitors get a different dock. I’ve been using this for 3 weeks now and have had no problems.

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StarTech DK30ADD Drivers – Startech dual monitor usb 3.0 docking station

We have the same model at work so I thought that it would be a good idea to get one so I can work from home easily. After being in use for several months I have not had any problems with it and it is used on both of my laptops.

I have a wireless keyboard, mouse, headset, external hard drives and also my monitor all connected to the startech docking station. I have seen guidance from western digital that their hard drives can have problems if they are attached to a docking station rather than the computer directly but I have not experienced that issue.

We have used Startech docking stations and other Startech devices for years. They are excellent quality, simple to setup and very reliable. We use them with laptops to allow us to use external keyboards, mice and 2 external screens. We have had issues whereby sometimes the screens were not detected, but think this may be more down to the cables being used. StarTech DK30ADD  setup is simple, download and install the drivers, connect the USB 3.0 cable and your devices and you are way.

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So this StarTech DK30ADD  is a very good universal dock. I use it with a Dell E5570 laptop and all features work superbly. I was sceptical about the video wiring via USB 3.0, but it works without any lag or issues. The Ethernet port, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 hubs ask work as expected. This is an easily recommended dock.

Just needed to download the StarTech DK30ADD driver as I don’t have a cd rom. But simple once to install! Absolutely brilliant for all my screens and gadgets. I’m so pleased, my command centre is complete! 2 external monitors, 1 Mac book, 1 webcam, 2 printers and external speakers. Excellent product. Running 2x Displays and all of my peripherals through it with just one USB cable connecting it (and therefore everything else) to my laptop. Displays, Keyboard and Mouse just as responsive as if they were plugged in directly.

Only very minor issue was that the driver wasn’t fully compatible with my version of Windows 10 but downloaded the latest driver from the website. Excellent hub accessory. Performs the function I required namely to use Two monitors via various laptops. Straight forward to set up, compact when in place. Works like magic for my Dell laptop. A must need to working from home setting if you only have laptop.

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This StarTech DK30ADD is an easy plug and play dock. Worked perfectly first time. Perfect product so useful, easy set up. Credit price. Takes any trouble out of home working connectivity. Perfect for turning a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 into a full workstation, able to use wired ethernet, a big monitor, mouse, keyboard and dvd writer. Just download the StarTech DK30ADD  software, plug in and go. Really easy.

I bought for my dad for work, he says it fantastic easy to use and easy to set up. It works brilliantly and has tidied my desk up beautifully. Simply plugging in one USB 3 cable has given me 2 external monitors for my laptop and all the USB ports I need as my laptop only has 2. It’s such a godsend having extra USB 3 ports available. Software installed OK after downloading the lastesdt version from display link website. Couldn’t be happier like this use StarTech DK30ADD docking station.


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