Sharkoon Skiller SGK5 Driver, Software, Manual

Sharkoon Skiller SGK5 Driver, Software, Manual

Driver, software and manual for Sharkoon Skiller SGK5 Gaming Keyboard. Actually a very good keyboard for the small budget. Unfortunately, the keyboard beeps a lot like you can read almost anywhere. It starts at low LED brightness and gets worse and worse the brighter you set it. I can hear it at a distance of 40-50 cm from the keyboard. Perhaps some cannot hear it or only hear it very weakly, but this makes the keyboard completely unusable for me.

Sharkoon Skiller SGK5 Driver & Review

Otherwise it would be really good, but I can only strongly advise against buying it. After I had to contact Sharkoon support I received a new firmware for the keyboard by email that could possibly fix the beeping. Unfortunately this did not happen. Sharkoon sent me a new keyboard for this. You probably managed the beeping with the LED lighting switched on. No beeping far and wide.

There are two new minor flaws for this. The space bar squeaked quite hard at the beginning. But I was able to solve the problem myself with a little contact spray. The second problem is the color of the space bar. It was not worked properly and I have 4 small adjacent points through which the LED lighting shines through. Not too tragic for me, but I can imagine that so many others can really be bothered by it. It should also be mentioned that the plastic sprue on some of the keys on the first keyboard was often not cut off cleanly. It looks a lot better here with the second keyboard.

After many years I decided to take my Microsoft keyboard out of service. Also, I didn’t want to spend over € 100 on a keyboard. Since I work on the PC as well as games, I chose this one. I just didn’t let myself be influenced by the many negative reviews regarding annoying noise. And it was fine like that ! I don’t hear anything about this.

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Even if I turn up the brightness all the way and put my ear directly to the keyboard, I can’t hear anything. The keys are smooth and the whole keyboard makes a valuable impression. The lighting is also easy to operate when the software is installed. I can only recommend this keyboard with a clear conscience.

This replaces my old G15, which has been in use for a few years and ultimately destroyed it with a drink (I have not yet got a repair). What would definitely be a small addition would be a USB hub in the keyboard.

I don’t know why so many don’t do that anymore, but I have the theory that it scares off gamers because they think that the hub steals latency from them. Well, in my opinion negligible and for gaming I personally don’t use the keyboard either. You can write comfortably on it and I was able to get used to it quickly, although you have to say that the old G15 is absolutely not the best typing keyboard (everyone might see it differently, but I found it absolutely not optimal in terms of that)

What a small negative point is is the lighting. I would have loved it, although you could see this in advance if only the lettering on the keys was lit. I don’t care about the whole RGB, I just need a keyboard where I can recognize the letters. Basically, I unfortunately had problems with the delivery of my buyer, the package was absolutely inadequately packed and arrived destroyed. This point is not included in the evaluation, but one or the other may still be interested.

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Sharkoon Skiller SGK5 Software

It is an inexpensive rubber dome keyboard that offers many special keys and a few gimmicks. Ambitious gamers probably prefer to use (expensive) mechanical keyboards. Those who find them too expensive or too loud from the attacks could be happy here.

The driver is clearly laid out, the palm rest is held magnetically and can be removed. Fortunately, my keyboard does not have the beeping when the lighting is switched on, as described in some reviews. In return, the space bar squeaked quite annoyingly at first. After removing the space bar and putting some grease on the metal bracket, this problem was resolved. A better final inspection of the product would be desirable, especially since other reviewers have also criticized squeaky buttons. Hence only four stars.

The keyboard replaces a cheap keyboard combination from 2018 which I needed for my multi-monitor operation – but had media keys on the right but otherwise was a disaster. The special keys are also available on this keyboard. In my opinion, the keyboard is quiet, non-slip and, overall, simply more valuable. After loading the Sharkoon Skiller SGK5 software.

I set the lighting according to my wishes and a few other things. Everything went quickly and quickly. The phenomena described by other buyers such as coil whine, crooked keys, etc. In my opinion, they were definitely teething troubles in production and no longer exist for me (delivery December 2020). Who even more gimmicks such as. If you want mechanical keys, you have to dig deeper into your pocket, of course. The price is reasonable for this quality. I hope for a long life. Very good keyboard.

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A real price-performance hit. I didn’t have any problems with beeps or the like with my keyboard. It is really solidly made and is nice to look at. With the additional shelf for the palm of your hand, you can work or play comfortably over a long period of time. The additional features are good, and the volume control dial is really useful. Clear purchase recommendation on my part.

After my expensive Roccat had given up the ghost after just over a year, I wanted to buy it again. But since so many had the same problems, the Roccat was just too bad for me for almost 170 €. I was looking for a good replacement and found it here. The bars for multimedia and a volume control were also important to me. The keyboard has all the other functions and assignable keys where I have to feel my way first. Another plus point is the brightness controller for the lighting.

The front panel can be easily removed and reattached using a magnet. The keys can be pressed comfortably for me and I am completely satisfied with this keyboard. The squeaking noises of the space bar as some people wrote only very rarely, and it often stops after pressing twice again, which personally doesn’t bother me either. All in all, a perfect replacement for me 👍

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