NexiGo Driver, Software and Manual Guide

NexiGo Driver, Software and Manual Guide

Mac & Windows Software, driver, User Manual for NexiGo Webcam Autifokus 1080P HD. The NexiGo webcam produces good images and “does its job” here in the home office. The image quality is usable, I find contrast and brightness good with normal room lighting and window light. The image quality naturally degrades under poor lighting conditions.

NexiGo Webcam Driver & Review

Here the camera (like any other) raises the sensitivity and the image begins to visibly noisy. The camera produces little “fisheye” distortion in the background – my cupboard shelves, which are about 1.5m behind me, look reasonably straight.

Quality: The construction of the camera makes a solid impression, holds its position in the ball head and the clamp looks valuable and solid and its structure should fit on every monitor. For my taste, the swivel range could be a little larger. Side mounting etc. is not possible with the clamp (no spring effect). What bothered me, and why I peel off a star, is the fiddly installation of the stick-on privacy screen. That should have been preassembled.

The camera does what it should and is completely OK. The cover, which you actually have to stick on, on the other hand, is very poor, especially since the opening and closing of the fingernail is a tricky job. Here is a decent flap with a hinge and it would have been 5 stars! Set up in 2 minutes, great result. Anyone who gives a bad rating here has done something wrong. A top web cam for this price / performance ratio! 👍👍

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NexiGo webcam works perfectly and fulfills its purpose, simple condition, all you need to do is connect and it works (no driver required), definitive a webcam recommendation. The camera is small and handy and delivers exactly the quality I need. Nothing to complain about.

Otherwise, the built-in microphone isn’t that special. The camera works very easily via plug and play. You plug it in and the program you want to use it with recognizes it. A great device for the price and it gives a clear picture. Easy to install and use. Image quality is above average and more than enough for Zoom meetings which was my purpose of buying it. Highly recommend!

NexiGo Software Download

Fast autofocus! The autofocus webcam captures ideal focus positions as you move, giving you clear pictures and videos. In addition, the automatic correction in low light conditions and the automatic white balance stand out from the rest. Simply plug the webcam into the USB port on your laptop / desktop / PC and it will be installed instantly. No additional drivers required. You can test the webcam directly in applications such as Skype / Zoom Meetings.

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Noise Cancellation Technology. The built-in noise-canceling microphone reduces ambient noise and improves the sound quality of your video. You can record the sound you want even in a noisy environment. Ideal for webinars, video conferencing, live streaming, etc.

Surprisingly good camera for the price. Far better than my laptop’s built-in camera. No problems with the set-up and have not encountered any of the problems that some other buyers ran into except for the microphone. The microphone makes crystal clear recordings, but its audio capture is a little weak. This may force the listener to increase the volume on the speakers which, in turn, may introduce some distortion. On the other hand, the microphones on most webcams are a little weak until you get up into a price range 3 or 4 times what this costs. If I can’t adjust, I’ll just hook up a separate microphone. All in all, I am very happy.

Download NexiGo Driver & Software:

NexiGo User Manual – Click Here
NexiGo Software:
Official NexiGo Webcam Software Version Link
Webcam Settings (For Windows Only) V1.0 Download
Webcam Settings (For MAC Only) V1.0 Download
NexiGo Webcam Settings User Guide Latest Download
  • Note: The Mac version of the NexiGo Webcam Settings Application is now available through the Mac App Store! The link above leads directly to the download.
  • Note: Not all settings can be adjusted for each webcam. As an example, some models such as the N60 or N660 are fixed focus and cannot have their focus settings changed. Please consult the webcam comparison chart at the link here for more details.
  • Note: Not all webcams are able to use the software, the meeting N1000/N2000 AIO and N650 model do not work with the software currently. Please check back regularly for software updates. If you have any feedback about the software, or if you experience an issue while using the software please email us [email protected]. Customers who provide bug reports or useful feedback may receive an opportunity to become a beta product tester. If you are selected and you are interested, we will provide you with free products in exchange for your opinion. Stay tuned! For Japanese version click here: NexiGo N950Pドライバーダウンロード