Logitech G403 Download: Click the link to download the driver

Logitech G403 Driver Download

Logitech G403 Hero Gaming Mouse Driver Download. I am more than happy with this gaming mouse. Before that I had a Roccat Kone Aimo. However, the mouse did not sit as well in the hand and, in my opinion, has a surface that is too smooth.

Logitech G403 Driver Download

When I had the G403 in hand, I was more than thrilled.
The thing is damn good in the hand!

Why would I buy the mouse again?
– Ergonomics in the hand
– Rubberized surface on the outside, which prevents you from slipping
– Rubberized thumb buttons – Sheathed cable
– Very good and precise sensor
– Easy setting via driver / Logitech software
– RGB lighting is very nice, but not mandatory

What I find bad ?
– Nothing

Please note that people with very large hands may have problems because the mouse is not large.

The weight is low, but you can add additional weight -which is included.

Logitech G403 Software Download

I bought this Logitech G403 as a replacement for my previous HERO, which unfortunately died shortly after the warranty period expired. In the end I decided to use a different mouse for gaming, but use the G403 at work and have gambled with it for a few weeks. Ultimately, I ended up going back to a Razer Naga for gaming, which I find even more practical for many games because of the number pad.

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But about the G403: It is a straightforward, very comfortable mouse, ideal for relaxed gaming, regardless of whether it is a lot of clicking or precise aiming. My hands are quite large, and the ergonomics of this mouse are excellent for them too.

I did not install the enclosed additional weight because I think the very low weight is ideal – it can stay that way. If you like the mouse a little heavier, you can increase the weight in no time using the metal disc.

As I said – since I ended up with a different model for gaming due to different equipment, I use the G403 for work in the office. Sometimes a sure instinct is required when creating graphics, and the fine sampling rate and ease of use have also proven themselves here.

Even without installing any drivers, you can change the sampling rate using the button below the mouse wheel – this is lightning-fast and enables fast movements over large areas or very precise work. Super.

Now we can only hope that this “hero” will survive longer than its predecessor.

Download Logitech G403 Mouse Software

After my Logitech G602 wireless mouse, barely two years old, generated reproducible jerks while moving, a new, wired mouse was needed to play. I chose this one on the recommendation of a friend.

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For playing and working with CS: GO, it was important to me to be able to easily adjust the resolution of the sensor, which can be done with a click using the button on the mouse wheel. After the mouse was there, I noticed that profiles for individual applications can also be created in the associated software, so that the mouse speed and key assignment are automatically changed.

Two thumb buttons are enough for me, even with the G602 I actually only used two out of six. That is of course a matter of taste. The front thumb button is easy to reach, for the back one the thumb has to be bent, which could be annoying depending on the type of gripping. All buttons click pleasantly, I don’t find them spongy.

The RGB lighting is a nice bonus, after the configuration of the profiles, coordinated lighting patterns can also be set. For example, the mouse in CS: GO lights up in orange or blue, depending on the team, and starts to flash red as the damage increases. However, since the palm of your hand is on the logo, you never actually see it while playing and is therefore not an argument in favor of the mouse.

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Logitech G403 Download: Click the link to download the driver

Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse, Lightsync RGB, Optional Lightweight 87G + 10G, Braided Cable, 25, 600 DPI, Drivers and Software for Rubber Side Grips LOGICOOL

Logitech G403 HERO –Logitech G Hub –Software –Download macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14, macOS 11

The Logitech G HUB software allows you to customize your Logitech G gaming mouse, keyboard, headset, speakers, and other devices.

Logitech G403 HERO –Logitech G Hub –Software –Download Windows 10 (32 / 64-bit)

The Logitech G HUB software allows you to customize your Logitech G gaming mouse, keyboard, headset, speakers, and other devices.

Logitech G403 HERO –Onboard Memory Manager –Software –Download Windows 10 (32 / 64-bit)

On Board Memory Manager (OMM) is a utility that allows pro gamers to quickly view, customize, and tweak the onboard memory of compatible Logitech G mice. On Board Memory Manager (OMM) allows pro gamers to quickly adjust the onboard memory profile of compatible Logitech G mice by adjusting DPI, reporting rates, assignments, and enabling device pairing / unpairing. A utility to configure. To meet the key requirements of tournament use, OMM does not install itself, leave no files on the drive, and do not access the Internet. OMM is used for onboard memory settings, but additional device settings and customizations are available via GHUB.