Fujitsu fi-6240Z Drivers & Downloads

Fujitsu fi-6240Z Drivers & Downloads

Fujitsu fi-6240Z Software Download. I had the ScanSnap fi-6240Z which was really good and reliable. This now has direct operation via the display, which is also faster. The technology is solid and has been improved in a few small points. Hope the ScanSnap ix1500 will perform its services for a long time. The software still needs a bit of work because the amount is displayed incorrectly on receipts. But the software is only 10 days old, so the bugs will probably be fixed soon.


Fujitsu fi-6240Z Drivers Download

The software can also be used on older devices such as the fi-6240Z! I find it good! I’ve been using the Fujitsu fi-6240Z scanner almost every day for a few months now. The software is constantly being further developed and renewed through automatic updates. Can not understand that the scanner is supposed to be slow.

All scans are very fast and are stored where I have set them in the profile. So open the lid, select what is to be scanned and off you go. So far no errors have occurred and all scans are flawless!

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My old folders will soon be gone and almost everything will be managed paperless. Exactly what I want! I would buy the Fujitsu fi-6240 again at any time and even prefer it to the fi-6240Z.

I bought the scanner for private use in order to finally archive the files with the many documents and to have no more documents in paper format in the future.

The scanner is really very reliable, I can put about 30 sheets in the slot, the sheets are drawn in neatly one by one. And are scanned on both sides if it is set that way.

Fujitsu fi-6240Z Scanner Software

The scanner offers many setting options, eg recognizing if a page is completely empty, in which case it will not be scanned. Or with documents where the sheet is very thin and the front side shows through, the scanner can be set in such a way that the back side does not show through.

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Or documents can be stored individually per sheet as PDF files, or all sheets that are in the shaft are stored in a PDF with X pages. The quality of the PDF can be adjusted.

In addition to PDF, JPGs as well as Word, Excel or PowerPoint can also be created from the scans.

And that also works quite well, the character recognition software (OCR) is from ABBY and does a good job, for example I was able to convert old documents into Word. However, this takes a few seconds depending on the number of pages and content, it can take 20-30 seconds.

There are also many automatic functions that recognize the document type quite reliably, e.g. images are stored as JPG and documents as PDF, this works very well, more than > 90% of the documents are recognized correctly.

I often use the automatic function to get the date and the title from the document, and it works very well here (>90%), at least for the date. Of course it depends on the document if the date is in cursive it doesn’t work unfortunately.

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I have connected the scanner via WLAN and can work with it from any PC. The display on the scanner itself is also nice because a lot of functions can be set and I can run the scan directly.

All in all super, fast scanner with good software to bring order to your files. I have had the Fujitsu fi-6240Z scanner for almost 2 weeks now and have scanned over 3000 pages of documents plus 4000 images. I am very pleased.


Download Fujitsu fi-6240Z Drivers Software:

Fujitsu fi-6240Z Drivers for Windows:

TWAIN Driver V9.21.1600 – DOWNLOAD

OS: Windows® 10 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 7 / Windows Vista® / Windows XP® / Windows 2000® / Windows Server® 2012 / Windows Server® 20008 / Windows Server® 2003

ISIS™ Driver V2.1.11210.4001m – DOWNLOAD

OS: Windows® 10 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 7 / Windows Vista® / Windows XP® / Windows 2000® / Windows Server® 2012 / Windows Server® 20008 / Windows Server® 2003

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