AOC CU34G2X Drivers, Software & Manual

AOC CU34G2X Drivers, Software & Manual

Download Software, Manual and Drivers for AOC CU34G2X 34″ Curved Frameless Immersive Gaming Monitor, VA Panel, 1ms 144Hz Adaptive-Sync, Height Adjustable, UltraWide QHD 3440×1440. After using two 10 year old Acer monitors for a long time, I finally wanted to look around for something new.

AOC CU34G2X Driver & Review

Since I am passionate about gaming, but at the same time relying on accurate color display for my job, an IPS panel was a must for me after the mediocre results of my previous TN panels. After a long research and comparison, I finally got stuck with the AOC 24G2U, because it offers most of the features for a really low price:

AOC CU34G2X Core Features:

  • – 144 Hz
  • – IPS panel
  • – Freesync (also with Nvidia cards of the 10xx and 20xx series usable)
  • – Slim picture edges (practical for a setup with several screens)
  • – Screen can be swiveled, tilted, adjusted in height and rotated
  • – Low input lag (3.7ms)

AOC CU34G2X Positive:

  • + USB & jack connection (requires a USB type A to USB type B cable, not included!)
  • + Integrated speakers

AOC CU34G2X Negative:

  • – Slight bleeding effect (uneven illumination of the screen)

The construction of the monitor was extremely simple and can be done completely without tools. This is also the case with many monitors, but not with everyone, so a big compliment for them! It is also connected quickly, because the scope of delivery includes an HDMI and a DisplayPort cable in addition to the power cable. Caution! If you want to use the full 144Hz, you should connect the screen via DisplayPort, because HDMI only manages a maximum of 120Hz (even only 60Hz with an HDMI 1.0 cable!).

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Immediately after commissioning, the razor-sharp image of the monitor is noticeable. The color representation is very good “out of the box”, but a tad too warm for me personally. I therefore set the color temperature to cold in the monitor settings. The activation of Free-Sync also worked right away, even with my Nvidia graphics card. For this, Free-Sync must be activated on the monitor and also in the Nvidia control panel.

When I played it for the first time, the difference to my old 60Hz TN panel was huge! In addition to the crisp colors, the precise implementation of the inputs stands out. Manufacturers like to advertise with a fast response time of 1ms, but that only describes the time it takes a pixel to switch from gray to gray. What is really relevant is the so-called input lag, i.e. the time it takes for the image from the graphics card to be displayed on the screen. At just 3.7 ms, the monitor is in a range that is practically imperceptible (televisions are sometimes around 50 ms, sometimes even 100 ms, PC monitors are often a bit better, but 3.7 ms is a very good value).

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AOC CU34G2X Software Download

The AOC monitor doesn’t have to hide when it comes to displaying colors while working, the colors appear realistic. Not too saturated, not too pale. Here you can also adjust the preset color values ​​a little, but I found that the standard values ​​already provided a very accurate color representation. The difference in photos and screen designs compared to my old Acer monitor was enormous.

The only negative point I noticed was the bleeding effect in the lighting. However, I only include it so that the review doesn’t sound like advertising, because it is seldom perceptible, at least with my model, and at no point is it annoying. In fact, I found it hard to find anything negative about this screen, especially when you factor in the cheap price. Could you have included a USB type A to type B cable for the connections on the monitor? Yes, of couse. However, the complaint is at a high level, because such cables are available for little money, if you really need them.

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I would recommend this monitor almost unreservedly. Anyone looking for accurate colors paired with good gaming performance will sooner or later stumble across this monitor. If you look at the prices of other devices with a similar range of functions, you quickly end up with significantly more expensive screens. You can have bad luck with the bleeding, with some it is obviously stronger than with me, but apart from that there are hardly any points that invite you.

Download AOC CU34G2X Drivers & Software WINDOWS:

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