Gaomon PD1161 Software Download

Download Driver Gaomon PD1161

Gaomon PD1161 Graphic Tablet Driver Download. I switched from my old Wacom Intuos 5 small to this gem. I haven\’t encountered any problems with the tablet yet, it does its job. One thing I have noticed is that there is a distrust of color saturation between the tablet screen and the laptop screen. This is due to the fact that the tablet display has 6bit FRC.

This Gaomon PD1161 does not bother me that much (also because I can always take a look at the laptop screen to judge if the chosen colors are good), but I would recommend switching to 8-bit with the next model and if possible make the plug cable a little longer. As for the pen, I have only loaded it once since I received the tablet in March. Another thing, if you don\’t like having cables lying around, this model is not for you.

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Gaomon PD1161 Software Download

This Gaomon PD1161 model has two cables: one that goes directly to the socket and then joins the other cable which, alas, is divided into 5 cables. One that must be connected to that of the socket and then two USB cables and two HDMI; one USB-HDMI pair must be connected to the device, the other pair to the PC / laptop. Be careful that both the tablet and your PC / laptop must necessarily be close to an outlet (maybe you are thinking of buying an extension cable) because, as already mentioned, the cable that connects to the outlet is quite short.

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As for the screen protector, a film is also delivered with the tablet. If you are like me, it will happen that once you apply the film, you will find yourself a lot of bubbles and you will spend an hour and a half trying to eliminate them. Obviously, you won\’t be able to make them all disappear. It would be nice if Gaomon\’s staff started selling their tablets with the film already applied, at least the people who buy the device will spare themselves this torture.

Gaomon PD1161 Drivers Installation

For those who, like me, switch from another brand to Gaomon, I recommend that you uninstall the driver of the previous tablet! As for the programs, Gaomon PD1161 works perfectly on Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint EX, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I can guarantee this because I have tested them myself.

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Hope this review was helpful! I was very satisfied with this Gaomon product and I am already thinking about buying their LED light pad. PS: Before I forget, I\’m left-handed and Gaomon gives the option to reverse the screen, so that the hotkeys are on the right side.

Gaomon PD1161 Driver Download

Mac OS Gaomon PD1161 Driver

Gaomon PD1161 Tablet Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Windows Gaomon PD1161 Driver

Gaomon PD1161 Windows Driver v14.8.133.1259 – Download

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