Logitech Harmony 700 Driver, Software Download

Logitech Harmony 700 Driver, Software Download

Logitech Harmony 700 Software Download. At the latest with the arrival of an Amazon Echo and the first Homematic IP devices, I try to simplify or automate many things here.

Switching on the television, the HTPC, the XBOX, the AV receiver and also the Unitymedia Horizon box works without any problems using the remote control. Since the AV receiver is right next to our sofa, I only need the Horizon remote control for the TV and Unitymedia receiver and the Rii keyboard for the HTPC.


Logitech Harmony 700 Drivers Download

Watching films or playing games on the XBOX with better 5.1 sound via the AV receiver often posed a challenge for the family while I was away, since some settings had to be adjusted accordingly. So I took advantage of the offer during Cyber ​​Monday week and ordered the Harmony Hub despite the deterrent negative reviews.

Incidentally, before buying the Harmony Hub, I also had an eye on the cheaper alternatives from Broadlink (RM Mini 3 and Broadlink RM Pro or Pro+), but the reviews/reports regarding the functionality and the problems with Amazon Alexa, among other things, scared me away.

I can already anticipate that setting it up was anything but easy for me and I was about to send the hub back which I ultimately didn’t do.

Logitech Harmony 700 in detail:

In addition to the Harmony Hub, the Harmony Harmony 700 remote control including a battery, a power supply unit, an IR mini transmitter (blaster) to increase the range, a USB cable and, of course, a user manual were supplied.

The blaster has a cable length of 2.50 m, but can be easily extended with a 2.5 mm jack adapter cable if required. The hub has a second input for another blaster, which has to be bought separately. This makes sense or is even necessary if the signals from the hub and the supplied blaster cannot reach all the devices to be controlled.

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The initial setup worked without any problems and is clearly described in the operating instructions. I made all the settings with the Windows software “MyHarmony”, but the Harmony app on the smartphone can also be used.

The search for controllable devices in the WLAN then showed me the Sonos Play:1 in the kitchen relatively quickly (however, I still control it with the Sonos app or via Alexa coupling). I was able to quickly integrate all other devices manually.

The challenge then began with setting the desired actions:

Kodi via HTPC:
Since I absolutely couldn’t manage the “Start Kodi” action on the first evening and kept having to discover new or other problems, I decided to pack the device up again the next day and send it back. Without having made any relevant action changes, in my opinion, a device would suddenly no longer start, the HDMI input of the TV was no longer set correctly or the HTPC booted up but Kodi would not start. Inserting delays between the individual commands was also unsuccessful.

As is so often the case, you just have to sleep on it for a night and so I was actually able to solve the problem the next morning: On the one hand, I had to replace the HTPC Intel NUC 7i3BNH Create twice as a device, once as an IR-controlled device and again as a BT device.

The working Kodi command sequence can be seen on the attached image:

  • 1. First, the TV is switched on and the corresponding HDMI input is set.
  • 2. Then the HTPC is brought out of standby via IR signal.
  • 3. The AV receiver then starts with the appropriate HDMI setting (connection to the HTPC).
  • 4. And last but not least, the first program on the Windows taskbar is started using the Bluetooth command.
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Incidentally, MyHarmony requires the input to be specified for devices that are switched on. Even if you choose not to set an input, that setting will appear in the action sequence.

Logitech Harmony 700 Remote Software

That’s why you can see the line “Intel NUC – IR / Input: No change” on the attached picture. Furthermore, by integrating the “Intel NUC – BT” device, the “Power off” command is automatically set at the end of the action, although “Power on” was not set (switching on/off is carried out via IR signal anyway).

You can’t delete such senseless lines, so I found this fact very disturbing and unprofessional at first. In the end it has no effect and doesn’t hurt either – so I accept it.

A problem here at first was that the positioning of the IR mini transmitter was not optimal, so that although devices were switched on, the correct HDMI input or program was not set. I will therefore also order a second IR mini transmitter so that I can place the transmitter more discreetly (my wife’s order!).

Netflix via Unitymedia Horizon:
As a Unitymedia customer, you are a little awkward when it comes to controlling the Horizon receiver restricted, since most functions are controlled by radio. Since the use of the basic functions is enough for me in this case and these can also be controlled via IR, this doesn’t really bother me.

I use my Netflix account via the app on the Horizon Reveiver and have therefore placed it on a program slot so that I can also start it with the Harmony Hub (see picture).

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Incidentally, all actions are started here by acclamation with Amazon Alexa. The further control of Kodi is then carried out with the Rii keyboard already mentioned above and the TV control with the Horizon remote control.

The Harmony Hub only has the task of switching the devices on with the appropriate settings and later switching them off again completely. And this works fine now.

I don’t use the included Harmony 700 remote (yet). While writing this review, I suddenly realized that I no longer had access to the Harmony Hub with the app. The app only showed “Configuration is being checked”.

Re-establishing the hub’s Wi-Fi connection and pairing it again didn’t work. Finally, I reinstalled the app and voila: everything worked again. This is only mentioned in passing in case someone should also have this problem.

Harmony Hub is certainly not a jack of all trades, but after investing some time in setting it up, I was able to turn on all the necessary components with the necessary settings for Netflix, Kodi & Co. at the push of a button or by shouting. That’s exactly what I wanted and nothing more!


Download Logitech Harmony 700 Drivers Software:

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Logitech Harmony Remote Download for Android & iPhone
Logitech Harmony Remote Software for Android Link
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Logitech Harmony Remote Software Download for Mac OS
Logitech Harmony Remote Software for Mac OS Download

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Logitech Harmony Remote Software Download for Windows
Logitech Harmony Remote Software for Windows Download

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