Logitech Harmony 550 Driver, Software & Manual Download

Logitech Harmony 550 Driver, Software & Manual Download

Logitech Harmony 550 Software Download. Of course that’s great! Out with the X remotes, in with this Logitech Harmony 550 The setup worked without any problems, thank God there is an extensive list where you can check whether your own device is compatible. Only our Hisense Smart TV didn’t want to be controlled at all, despite compatibility, but Logitech customer service fixed it for 2 weeks, an operator named Ralf got our TV set under control with angelic patience and was very, very polite and friendly.


Logitech Harmony 550 Drivers Download

Logitech has obviously understood that after-sales service is almost more important than advice beforehand. If something is wrong, the customer is lost and will certainly not get again. From my experience, I would go back to Logitech again and again, just in terms of how much work they put into me to get my devices up and running. In my opinion, this is more, far more than I could have expected and I am extremely positively surprised.

Since everything was set up, we only talk to our devices via Alexa through the Alexa Bridge. “Alexa, turn on TV with Harmony”, “Alexa, turn on RTL with Harmony”, “Alexa, turn on Netflix” and “turn up the volume with Harmony”,

I’m sure I’m still far from exploring all the features of this software, but for starters I think it’s all super duper good.

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I have both the Harmony Elite and the Logitech Harmony 550 described here. I use the Harmony Elite for the music and cinema landscape in the living room, while I use the 550 in the bedroom. One thing in advance: This remote control is not for people who don’t feel like dealing with it.

There are a lot of setting options and just programming the remote control takes time. However, if you have taken the time to set it up (via computer, tablet or smartphone), you will simply be amazed because it is a considerable relief. Incidentally, the setup only refers to the possibilities of use, not to the pairing of the remote controls.

Logitech has a bombastic library of available remote controls, so you usually only have to enter the device you want to control. The button assignment/mapping is then made by Logitech, which means that it is not necessary to teach the remote control.

I bought this remote control because my TV remote control was slowly giving up the ghost, my DVB-C receiver came with a remote control that you had to aim with as precisely as you would at a shooting gallery at a rifle or folk festival and I just like it wanted a remote control that could also control my PS3.

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I have a remote control for this, but I just wanted one remote control for everything. I only have two actions set up on the remote: TV and PS3. If I press the TV button, the TV and DVB-C receiver turn on and it starts the last seen or specified start-up program, depending on how you program it.

When I press the button assigned to the PS3, the TV and the PS3 turn on. There are a total of 3 buttons for such actions (different devices turn on when you press the button), but they can be assigned twice. So 6 actions are possible.

Thanks to the hub, the remote control always works, no matter which way you hold it. If you have devices with IR receivers in a cupboard, you can place one of the (small) IR transmitters included with the cupboard and you no longer have to open the cupboard to be able to operate the device.

Of course, a connection to your own WLAN is required. Of course you can also use the smartphone as a remote control, but I find that to be just as annoying as having to rummage around for different remote controls. But if you like it, you will also be delighted here.

Of course, the Harmony Elite has even more features in comparison. The remote control has a display that comes on when the remote control is moved and on which names can be assigned to the actions and you can switch to the individual remote controls and have the individual commands displayed there and of course also use those on the remote control itself couldn’t find a place.

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You are no longer so limited in the number of actions. Of course, the Harmony Elite also looks smarter and comes with a charging station in which the remote control can be stored and charged standing up.

In addition to the price of the Elite, this is also the only disadvantage in my opinion compared to the Companion. The Elite must be placed in the charging station regularly, I can therefore only make a clear recommendation.


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