Logitech Harmony 1100 Driver, Software & Manual Download

Logitech Harmony 1100 Driver, Software & Manual Download

Logitech Harmony 1100 Software Download. Having already tested the Logitech Harmony One and the Harmony 900, I have come to the conclusion that the Logitech 900 is the better choice for me, and I am still more than satisfied.But the real flagship among the Harmonys should actually be the Harmony 1100! At least visually I think things are great. Now I’ve had the opportunity to test things out in person. Conclusion? As always, there is at the end.


Logitech Harmony 1100 Drivers Download

Well, the Harmony 1100. From a purely visual point of view, I like this “terminal look” but more on that in the conclusion. Until recently, the Harmony 1100 was available on the Internet for around €400. You have to pay at least €50 more. Expensive money for a universal remote control, at least the 1100 can replace up to 15 devices, and a charging station is also included.

Nice thing about the Harmony 1100: Like the Harmony 900, it can send radio signals. Unfortunately no “normal” but the closed Z-Waves ( more about this here ). That means you need a special radio converter that receives the signal and passes it on via infrared. However, in contrast to the Harmony 900, this is not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately.

The external appearance

We have already mentioned several times that it looks good. The surface is brushed black aluminum; the few buttons are rubberized. Overall, the 1100 “proudly” measures 138 x 16 x 105 mm in centimeters. The touchscreen offers 3.5 inches and a QVGA resolution. Only the slightly wider frame with black piano lacquer is annoying, there are endless fingerprints there.

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The configuration of the devices and actions

The Harmony 1100 is set up using the well-known Harmony Remote software. I won’t waste a lot of words here, it’s best to read the section from the Harmony One test. The way and the functions are almost identical.

For my part, I still find the software very successful; especially with regard to the 1100, it has to be said that you can arrange and determine all the virtual buttons as you would like them to be. By the way: If you need channel logos, I should take a look at IconHarmony.com.

The actions in action

Alright, enough chatter. Because the most important thing about a remote control: you have to be able to use it. Sounds logical doesn’t it?As with the other two Harmonys, the Harmony 1100 turns on as soon as you pick it up. The screen is beautifully brightly illuminated and reacts quickly, that’s just a brief introduction. In any case, you can see all available actions right after the start.

First of all, let’s watch a little TV, via DVBT. So we activate the function and immediately after that we see the “start screen” of the corresponding action:

As you can see! Oh, I slipped away. Instead of watching TV, I chose the DVD.Well, that’s not too bad: One press on “Activities” and we can select the next action. But now: watch TV. And this is also where a big advantage of the Harmony remote control comes into play: You remember the on/off status of the devices and only switch off the devices that are not required.

Logitech Harmony 1100 Remote Software

If something doesn’t quite work (e.g. because someone walked through the infrared “beam” or something), automatic error correction helps, in which all the different steps are automatically repeated step-by-step.

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Within an action

Let’s go back to the “start screen” of the corresponding action. The first screen of the Watch TV Activity looks slightly different than the screen of the Watch DVD Activity: In my case, the stations that have been set up are displayed first, it is also possible to display one of the other 3 screens: play screen, numbers and other commands.

Using the Harmony Remote software, each individual screen can be individually assigned functions and the “start screen” can be determined. However, as you can see: Not all functions of the devices are available. It’s no different with the Harmony One and the Harmony 900, because only the most important functions are displayed as virtual buttons within the campaign.

If you want to change anything in the TV menu, you just have to go to the device list, where you will find almost all possible functions of the device.

As a rule, however, the buttons in the actions are sufficient; the motto here is: less is more. Inputs are changed automatically anyway, and and and. Of course you can as I said, add functions, no big deal. I personally think it’s unnecessary.

The settings

Within the Harmony 1100 there are also a few adjustment options, although not many. The volume of the touchscreen can be adjusted, the brightness and the duration of the illumination. That was it already. Yes, the device overview described above can be accessed via the “Devices” button.

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Let’s come to my conclusion, and that’s not so easy. So, let’s start at the beginning: the remote control feels good in the hand and the commands are also sent without problems and great delays. The touchscreen looks good (although not as sharp as the Harmony 900 ) and is also super responsive. In addition, she is of course a real eye-catcher, you have to give her that.

But: The famous WAF tends towards zero.And I also had my problems in everyday use. Because the Harmony 1100 just doesn’t feel like a remote control. Sure, the most important buttons for zapping are available in hardware; still, the whole thing feels a bit strange.

Yes, humans are creatures of habit, and it just doesn’t fit here. A remote control has to be long and the hand has to be able to enclose it, says my head. To what extent that is true or not, I will leave it open.Nevertheless, I have to say for myself personally: Not for me. I’d rather stick with the Logitech 900 and have a remote control that also feels like a remote control.


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