Elgato Light Strip: Elgato's new connected LED strip works perfectly

Elgato Light Strip: Elgato’s new connected LED strip works perfectly

The LED strips are an excellent complement to give a light touch to the room, improving lighting in the bottom of a stream or simply decorate. There are many options and Elgato, the brand of devices for streamers of Corsair, did not want to miss the opportunity to launch its own LED strip. The name? Elgato Light Strip.


Elgato Light Strip Review

It is an RGBWW (Red, Green, Blue, Warm-White) LED strip, that is, it uses several white chips to achieve a purer white and their respective warmer or cooler variants. Of course, it is a connected device that we can control remotely from the computer or from the mobile. We have already had the opportunity to try it and this has been our experience.

Elgato Light Strip Data Sheet Specification

DIMENSIONS LED strip : 2,000 x 12 x 3 mm
Driver : 88 x 39 x 19 mm
BRIGHTNESS 2,000 lumens, adjustable
COLOR TEMPERATURE 3500-6500K, adjustable
COLORS 16 million
Mac 10.14
Android 6.0
iOS 12.1
Elgato Stream Deck
PRICE 59.99 euros

Elgato Light Strip Materials

The cat LED strip is two meters long, so it is more than enough to cover a relatively short area. Another thing is that we want to use it to cover a corner of the room or a longer desk, but we have put it on a shelf on the desk and with two meters we have had plenty. There are currently no extensions, but multiple kits can be connected at the same time.

The LED strip feels extremely premium, and thank goodness, because its price isn’t exactly low. Unlike other cheaper LED strips, which usually have the strip and the LEDs without protection, Elgato’s is covered by a kind of silicone. That not only gives a certain sense of security, it gives the LED strip a very, very nice touch.

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Obviously, the LED strip is adjustable and moldable, something interesting in order to pass it through corner areas. In the same way, it can be cut to dispose or save the excess part. There is a cutting area every 30 centimeters, more or less, which is sufficient, although I would have appreciated if the distance between the cutting area and the cutting area was smaller.

At the bottom we have a TESA glue that meets what is expected. It is strong and has not given any more problems of the account when installing the LED strip and fixing it on the surface, although a little more force would not have been bad. As a personal recommendation, clean the surface and put the LED strip little by little, by sections, pressing for ten seconds for each section you paste.

Finally, it should be noted that the LED strip connects to power, not to the computer. For this we will have to use an adapter that is included in the box. The cable from the outlet is long, but I would have appreciated if the controller (which really serves to connect the LED strip to the WiFi network, but nothing else) had a glue on the bottom to fix it on a wall or on the table.


Elgato Light Strip – Excellent Light

Simply put, Elgato has done an excellent job with its LED strip. The strip has RGBWW lights. That means that for each colored LED there are two white LED around it. When we put a pure color (red, blue, green, yellow) only the color LED lights up, but when we move between the different tones of a color, the white LEDs light up to improve their reproduction.

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On the contrary, if we only use white light, the RGB LED will be used to complement the white LED and give a cooler or warmer touch. Why is that interesting? Because in many LED strips there is not a pure white color, but a bright light blue. By implementing only and exclusively white LED, the Elgato LED strip is able to faithfully reproduce colors (16 million) and also whites with different temperatures (3500-6500K).

The LED strip has an outstanding brightness, a mere 2,000 lumens. It is enough to illuminate a good portion of the wall by itself, but by reducing the intensity we can perfectly decorate the background of our live shows or our videos without it being strident (because it can become so if we put it at maximum brightness). And there it is striking how well worked the antiflicke system is.

Elgato uses the PWM method, or Pulse Width Modulation. Basically, LED are constantly turning on and off, thousands of times per second. Other more basic LED strips do the same, but with a lower frequency, so that although we do not see it with the naked eye, the camera is capable of “seeing” it and that is when the flicke occurs. That does not happen in the Elgato LED strip.

Regarding the configuration options, from the app for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac we can control the brightness, color and temperature of the light , all using a very intuitive slider. It also works with Stream Deck, which if you are streamers and use the device can be useful, but little else. It does not integrate with voice assistants, it has no effects and it does not allow creating scenes to, for example, put a part of the LED strip in one color and another in another color, something that is interesting to give a more beautiful touch to the backgrounds.

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Elgato Light Strip, In Our Opinion

But saving those details, the truth is that the LED strip looks really good. It is capable of delivering an outstanding level of brightness, faithfully reproduces colors and the connection with the WiFi network is stable. The experience with the LED strip has been very good and the truth is that it shows that it costs 60 euros, which is not exactly a low figure.

However, it is not perfect and it is not intended for everyone. I would have appreciated a more complete app and more customization options, perhaps a somewhat larger size (two meters is not enough if we compare it with other cheaper offers on the market, and also less premium) and some kind of integration with the computer for games, as can be done with Philips Hue Play light bars.

In any case, it is a recommended LED strip if we are interested in decorating our gaming setup or getting a better background light in the videos. If we do not want such good results, we value the integration with voice assistants and we simply want to decorate, for less money we can get a simpler and longer LED strip.

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