Rapoo MT750S Driver - Windows Drivers & Manual

Rapoo MT750S Driver – Windows Drivers & Manual

Download driver, software and manul guide PDF for Rapoo MT750S Bluetooth Wireless Mouse. I work in the office with a Logitech MX Master 2. I am very satisfied with the mouse, the price of just under 80 € was too high for me to buy a second one for on the go. Since this mouse looks very close to the MX Master and also has the side scroll wheel that I love, I decided on the Rapoo MT750s. Pairing via Bluetooth was also important for me.

Rapoo MT750S Driver & Review

Rapoo MT750S – First impression and first pairing

The mouse makes a good visual impression. The material feels valuable and nothing rattles or has unnecessary play. I was able to carry out the first pairing without any problems after reading the quick start guide. As I said, I use the mouse with Bluetooth on my laptop, so I don’t need the small USB receiver.

What is still a bit strange for me, but what I do not find negative, is the position of the “forward / backward buttons”. The two buttons on the side of the mouse can usually be operated with the thumb. With this mouse, they are arranged at the front next to the left mouse button so that they can be operated with the index finger.

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Rapoo MT750S Drivers and initial problems

To personalize the key commands I downloaded the driver from the manufacturer’s website and installed it. After the installation I had to restart the computer. After the restart, the driver software opened in Chinese. Now my Chinese is not that good, so I tried to switch the driver to English.

After a while of trying, I gave up and rebooted again. Then the driver was in English, so lucky. All buttons can be personalized in the driver, except for the left mouse button and the scroll wheel on the side.

Rapoo MT750S potential for improvement from my point of view

The side scroll wheel has the function of scrolling left and right. This function is not necessary for me. On my MX Master, I use the side scroll wheel to scroll in and out. Unfortunately, the side scroll wheel of the Mt750s cannot be individually assigned a function via the driver. So if you need to scroll right and left regularly, the mouse is great.

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If you wanted to use the side scroll wheel for other functions, you will be disappointed. Perhaps the individual assignment of the scroll wheel on the side can be added afterwards using a driver / firmware update in the future. Then it would be a 5/5 * mouse for me.

Rapoo MT750S Software Download

Overall the Rapoo MT750S is a very good and clear keyboard with mouse and doungle. Except for the aluminum keys. Tatstaur is very flat, which I like a lot. The keystrokes are very quiet, the pressure point is great, the mouse reacts perfectly and could be connected to the doungle promptly without any connection problems. Just use them for office will you?

I am satisfied and can not report anything negative for my purpose. After a month of intensive use, the space bar on the right side inclines visibly downwards and the left mouse button shows typical wear and tear on the rough surface. But function has not yet been impaired.

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I use the mouse on different computers, which is very easy to use by simply switching on the mouse. An important selling point for me was the switchable resolution. So at the highest level you can move the mouse arrow over 3 screens with a few cm on the mousepad, where I had to repeat several times with my old mouse. The 2nd scroll wheel, which is operated with the thumb, is also very useful. This allows you to scroll horizontally when editing large tables. You get used to this function quickly and then don’t want to be without it.

Overall, the mouse lies very comfortably in the hand thanks to its ergonomic shape and makes a valuable impression. The non-slip surface also contributes to this. The Rapoo MT750S mouse therefore gets my clear recommendation.

Download Rapoo MT750S Driver for WINDOWS & MAC:

Rapoo MT750S Manual CLICK HERE
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Rapoo MT750S Driver for WINDOWS DOWNLOAD