Rapoo 9900M Driver - Windows Drivers & Manual

Rapoo 9900M Driver – Windows Drivers & Manual

Download driver, software and manul guide PDF for Rapoo 9900M Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Set. First of all: I think the set is very successful, would recommend it without reservation at any time and would buy it again myself. Still there is criticism. Most of the criticism has little to do with basic usability. It would be more of a desire for optimization. But let’s start with the packaging: A lot of plastic unnecessarily. Schick does present, but it makes more sense.

Rapoo 9900M Driver & Review

The Rapoo 9900M keyboard

I was very surprised how slim it is. The keyboard itself is just 5mm. With buttons it is then 7mm. Only the bead at the rear end below has another 1.5cm. It houses all the technology as well as the battery and ensures that the keyboard tilts comfortably. The housing is made of aluminum and the top is brushed across. This is not only visually appealing, but fingerprints are also barely visible.

However, if you put all the cut-outs for the keys in such a thin sheet of aluminum, it can hardly be avoided that the bars between the keys are slightly bent. This is noticeable in the light reflection and would have been nicer. So the optically beautiful impression of a robust metal surface is disturbed.

The keyboard also bends quite easily overall. That doesn’t bother at all if you use the keyboard on the desk as intended and don’t operate the keys with a hammer, but I noticed and could have been solved by making slight changes to the design. There is a transverse depression on the underside at the front edge, which certainly ensures stability. Another of this type and stable spacers between the upper sheet metal and the lower sheet would have done a lot here.

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What I’m missing is a display regarding Num-Lock and Caps-Lock. I can get over it, because you can easily display it in the Windows status bar. But it would have been nice if it had been on the keyboard.

A design decision which I do not understand at all is the following: The keyboard is advertised to work for up to 3 devices – thanks to a wireless connection via Bluetooth and the included dongle. But what kind of is promoting this feature, but building the switch for it on the underside of the keyboard? Directly to the Bluetooth status LED?

So really straight down? Okay, the keyboard is very light and has a wireless connection. But still – now you have to lift and turn the keyboard every time to switch between the devices. (With the mouse it is also ON the housing – and it is much more manageable).

The keys are comfortable from the pressure point and respond reliably. Due to the ultra thin design, the keys are a bit wobbly. If you only hit a key lightly and at the edge, there is a higher chance that this stroke will not be recognized than with classic keys.

Speaking of buttons: The letters and numbers look a bit “cheap” and like stickers. That doesn’t quite fit the rest of the valuable overall picture. I’m not saying it’s stickers. Just that it looks like it.

A final point that counts in the “Nice to Have” category would be a “charging port” on the keyboard. Yes, the inserted battery apparently lasts a long time. Even with frequent tipsters. However, a battery is a “throw away product”.

Of course you can insert a battery. But if I work with a battery, it would also be nice if I could charge it directly on the device. As I said – no “MUST” but a “nice to have”. Especially since a socket and charge controller would first have had space and, secondly, are not noticeable in the material costs.

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The Rapoo 9900M mouse

The mouse is super handy. Very comfortable in the hand – almost a flatterer in the hand. Also pleasant in terms of the choice of material. Rubberized in the area of ​​the thumb as well as on the opposite side and at the top in the back area. Very pleasant and safe to lead.

The mouse wheel and the two main buttons work very comfortably and reliably. I’ve never had the mouse wheel on my thumb on a mouse, but I don’t know how I could do without it before. This is a very nice control element.

The two buttons next to the index finger for forward and backward are a bit out of place. Difficult to achieve – explicitly the one for backwards. For this you have to bend your index finger strongly to hit it. Hardly feasible intuitively. But you don’t accidentally hit the keys.

Switching between different devices behind the mouse wheel is good. And unlike the keyboard, you can just switch the mouse without lifting it up – which, however, would be easier with the mouse than with the keyboard.

I also like the very subtle display (1/2/3) for the devices currently in use. Especially since it goes out after a short time and then no longer attracts attention and only lights up every now and then. But it is mounted in such a way that you really have to look at the mouse to see it.

Incidentally, the mouse comes with a battery (unlike the keyboard). But it is permanently installed. Why?? Okay, I expect the battery to survive the mouse – but at some point the capacity will decrease.

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The charging cable is solved very nicely. It is plugged into the mouse from the front and from then on the mouse is like a wired one. Even if only electricity is apparently supplied here and no connection is established with the end device. Which is okay. Slight criticism here: Why a micro USB? With a USB-C, the direction of plugging would not have mattered. Especially since most people should have a USB-C at their desk anyway.

I have solved the issue differently for myself (even more comfortably) by simply plugging a “NetDot” Gen 10 magnetic adapter into the socket of the mouse, with which I have equipped most of my devices. If I need power on the mouse, then I move close to the cable and the connection is reliably established via a magnet;) Perfect for me.

However, it would have been possible to solve something more sensible ex works. I find it a bit strange that, according to the Windows display, the battery of the mouse is never charged above 85%. That shouldn’t bother me either. But I am a little surprised.

Rapoo 9900M Software Download

Rapoo 9900M Conclusion

A good set and its price of just under 90 € does it justice. I’ve also had worse sets for more money. But it is not a 5 stars product. If only because you have to lift the keyboard to switch. That was a reason to buy for me. The design decision to solve exactly this with the mouse, but so stupid with the keyboard, justifies a point deduction for me (is no longer the perfect product – albeit close – also in terms of price). So here the Rapoo 9900M drivers below to download bro!

Download Rapoo 9900M Driver for WINDOWS & MAC:

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