Perixx PERIBOARD-428 Drivers – Mini Mechanical Keyboard

Perixx PERIBOARD-428 Drivers – Mini Mechanical Keyboard

Download drivers for Perixx PERIBOARD-428 Mini Mechanical Keyboard with Low Profile Brown Switch, RGB Backlighting, Black, US English Layout. With the title I say it all, it is asked when you buy something that works perfectly and lasts. The first for the moment is well enough and the second I do not know yet, but seeing how it is done, it points the same to the first. And it is that I had 2 models of another brand and the 2 began to fail everywhere and the usb connection cable was the most different thing I have seen and that is where they began to fail.


Perixx PERIBOARD-428 Drivers Download

Well, this Perixx PERIBOARD-428 does not, it does not fail, I do not think it will because it is simply well done and it shows. I bought the membrane one and previously had others from other mechanical brands, since I prefer the membrane ones at least in this model. It is clear that the mechanics have that appeal and that cool touch, but I don’t know, this time this membrane would not change it.

To put some downside, it is that the color of the lights is fixed in the sense that you cannot change the color, although you can modify the intensity of lighting and put it in blinking mode. And to put another good thing is that the keys are perfectly visible at night because the letters are illuminated from the inside, not so with other models that I certainly cannot understand how they sell illuminated keyboards and the letters are not seen at night because they do not pass through the light, in short, it is that it goes fabric.

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The truth is that I give it 5 stars because I do not find any major flaw. The touch of the keys is good, it does not make noise. The lighting is good and it has breathing mode. In addition to the price, it is great. More things, it shows that it is a quality keyboard, aluminum surface, good key design, various RGB lighting modes (with excellent color quality). It shows that it weighs when you take it, it is very well armed.

It is a joy to use the Perixx PERIBOARD-428 keyboard, it is a pleasure to write with it and how it sounds. If you are one of those who like it to sound loud when pressing the keys, the blue switches are a good option, they sound a little more than normal compared to other keyboards but when you start to type it is almost hypnotic, I really love it . The very soft keys when pressed, go like silk.

The only drawbacks I can make is that the letters are not visible much if there is no light source nearby, so you will have to have RGB lighting on practically all the time. Also, it would be nice to have put a light as a guide to indicate when the Caps Lock is activated, although this is solved by getting used to using the Shift key when we are going to put a capital letter.

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Perixx PERIBOARD-428 Keyboard Software

By the way, it is a US keyboard and that is a very very positive point since the vast majority of mechanical keyboards are English and do not have the Ñ, besides that to put the accents it is a problem in that type of keyboard (having to change the configuration of the keyboard in Windows or putting a command of keys in order) that you solve that.

Perixx PERIBOARD-428 is perfect for the price it has. It is made of membrane, obviously, but the touch is not bad at this price range. The backlight is fixed, rainbow effect, but enough to see the keys in the dark. I was pleasantly surprised.

Of all the keyboards I have seen I have to say that this is undoubtedly one of the best, in relation to quality and price it is very good, the lighting system is very good and it can be placed in various ways either with the fixed lights or With the gradual lights, which changes the intensity little by little, the keyboard is very comfortable to use in terms of touch, it is not hard at all.

Large blue swich keyboard, with a wonderful sound when pressing (you have to like that it is not silent). The only small downside is that it does not have a light to have capital letters activated. For the price it has, the truth is that it goes very well. The only downside I see is that when you press, for example, to space (or any button that is in the center of the keyboard), if you do something strong the keyboard bends a little, but come on, it is not that you have to put it hosts to press the keys.

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I liked everything about this keyboard. 4 months ago I bought one here that came from China but it was an English keyboard, it did not bring the ñ and the quality of the keyboard left much to be desired, with this I am delighted. It shows a lot of quality despite being cheap, it is not an unknown brand and that is why I also decided to buy it, the lights have a lot of intensity and it is appreciated, especially at night. I recommend it 100% it is good, nice and cheap.

I bought it for € 11 in a sale and I do not think I will find something cheaper with these characteristics. LEDs are very basic and have 3 levels of brightness, but it is compatible with mac and does its job. I can’t ask for more for this price


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