OBSBOT Tiny 4K Drivers Download

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Drivers, Software & Manual Download

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera Drivers Download. In times of the pandemic, webcams have probably really arrived in the last office. The OBSBOT 4K webcam brings new impetus to the webcam market, as the camera is equipped with a kind of gimbal to track the user independently.


OBSBOT Tiny Camera Driver

The packaging of the product looks very high quality, a lot of value was placed on an attractive product presentation. In the easy-to-open box, the webcam is stowed away in a sturdy transport bag, which is a great advantage for mobile use at several locations.

In the beginning, I had brief problems connecting the webcam to the PC, although it was really only because the USB-C connector on the camera was not fully inserted. After this small correction, the camera was recognized by my Windows PC and was immediately ready for use.

The status of the camera is displayed on the front via LED lamps – this is really self-explanatory. If the connection is only via USB-2, an additional USB hollow plug cable must be connected for the power supply, which is probably due to the power consumption of the gimbal. An adapter is included for connection to USB-A ports.

Now for the picture quality: The camera fully convinced me in terms of image quality both in the 4K setting and in low resolutions. Both the user and the background are displayed sharply, the exposure adapts very well so that even large differences in brightness can be compensated. The HDR mode can further improve this. The autofocus also works reliably and quietly.

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With cheap webcams, it often bothers me that half my room can still be seen in the background thanks to the “ultra wide-angle” perspective. The 4K resolution offers the advantage of still providing very good image quality even with the digital zoom used. That’s why I always zoom in on the camera digitally by a factor of 2.

The tracking works very well! The user is recognized quickly and even if you “flee from the picture” the webcam tries to find you again by panning in the direction you last saw, which is successful in most cases.

There are two tracking modes, whereby I mostly use the “headroom mode”, in which the head is kept in the middle of the picture. This is very useful if you want to show something on a whiteboard in the background, for example.

Switching between “sitting in front of the PC” and “explaining something while standing” works very easily and is certainly one of the main uses of the camera. A “zoom gesture” can be made with the hand, whereby the camera zooms in or out accordingly, whereby the zoom level can be set.

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OBSBOT Tiny 4K Camera Drivers

However, there is room for improvement in the software: Although all webcam functions can be controlled and all the necessary settings are basically available, the general structure and design really could be improved. Many buttons react in an unusual way and sometimes it is not clear how certain functions are to be used.

The German language setting also makes you smile here and there. Since the hardware works really well, it would be really great if all the options could also be supported by decent software. Many other great functions would be conceivable here, such as automatic panning or the like.

In general, however, I am very satisfied with the 4K webcam. I have used it in various situations and tested it extensively: an interesting application is, for example, the “presentation” of your own desktop surface if you set this webcam position beforehand and save it as a preset.

The image quality is really great, even in poor light, and the built-in microphone was always rated as easy to understand by the people I spoke to.

Overall, I can recommend the webcam, especially if you have to be prepared for frequent movements and changes of position during video streams.

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That’s why there’s nothing to complain about and a recommendation from my side with a very good 4 stars. The provider should improve the software and make it more user-friendly. A good update gets the fifth star from me.


Obsbot Tiny Download (Drivers/Software/Manual PDF)

OBSBOT Tiny 4K User Manual

Updated on: 2/22/2022 – Download

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Firmware

Updated on: 3/14/2022


v1.2.3.2 Updates
1. Added [Face AE] function
2. Added [Noise Reduction] on/off function, allowing users to turn off microphone noise reduction
3. Added [Device Auto Sleep] function, improved sleep wake behavior
4. Added [Screen Mode] switch function, able to switch to portrait mode
5. Retain [Preset Position] setting parameters


OBSBOT TinyCam Software

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows® 10 or later / macOS® 10.13 or later
Updated on 3/14/2022

v1.3.6.12 Updates
1. Added [Face AE] function
2. Added [Noise Reduction] on/off function, allowing users to turn off microphone noise reduction
3. Added [Device Auto Sleep] function, improved sleep wake behavior
4. Added [Screen Mode] switch function, able to switch to portrait mode (only compatible with OBBSOT Tiny 4K)
5. [Preset Position] added [Update] function
6. [Initial Boot Position] is adjusted to [Gimbal Initial Position], improved the setting process of the Gimbal Initial Position
7. Adjusted some shortcut keys
8. Added Spanish

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