Logitech M220 Driver, Software and Manual

Logitech M220 Driver and Software

Download driver, software and manual guide for Logitech M220 Wireless Mouse with Silent Clicks. After trying a lot, this is the best Bluetooth mouse so far in terms of battery life, ergonomics and haptics. I’m gone from the battery Bluetooth mice – you have to charge too often – annoying. With two other candidates, the buttons or the wheel are defective after approx. 1.5 years.

Logitech M220 Driver & Review

I now have two of the Logitech M220 in two colors on two different notebooks (HP Elite Book & Acer Switch 3) next to each other in operation at the same time. That works great and so far they are also very solid mechanically. Unfortunately, this mouse has the problem with WINDOWS 10 that it occasionally flies out of the Bluetooth connection and you can only get it working again after a Windows reset. This also happened with both mice in solo operation, thank God, but only rarely.

The “Quiet clicker”, because as a teacher you are now condemned to distance learning and effective work via MS teams or other virtual classrooms should not mutate into constant stress through annoying clicks.

The M220 masters this requirement with flying colors and has replaced me with an 1850 Mobile Mouse from Microsoft, which clicked around quite loudly when you were having conversations and drafting task concepts at the same time. The Logitech feels good in the hand, has a pleasant click point, a well-adjusted mouse wheel and is well suited for most everyday tasks. Even games can go up to a certain point, but there are better devices for that … or you have particularly small hands.

The workmanship of the M220 is satisfactory, the edges feel a bit rough in places, but this is also thanks to the hard plastic charm. In this price range, however, it is completely appropriate and those who are looking for a gentler hand flatterer should choose accordingly somewhat higher-priced models. Solid product from Logitech for less embarrassing clicks in the virtual classroom.

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I ordered this mouse because the slim design of modern laptops means that fewer and fewer USB ports are available. Therefore: Bluetooth. I’ve already had bad experiences there, but: With this mouse everything works without any problems! Can also be used with both hands, that was important to me, since left-moulting!

I use it on a Lenovo Ideapad 5 15, and currently only on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04). The first pairing always takes a while under Linux, but once it is there, it connects quickly and without complaint, every time I wake up the laptop.

Visually, it goes perfectly with the subtle design of the IdeaPad, and the color tone is almost perfect. The pointer accuracy is very good (despite Bluetooth)! I really like the very quiet click noise, you can make the most necessary settings, and otherwise it is pleasantly noticeable because it is not noticeable! If you are looking for a small, light, discreet and apart from that fully functional Bluetooth mouse (for LInux), I can recommend it without further ado!

As a “heavy user” (CAD 8-9H / day), a “real” mouse is extremely important to me, until now I have used an M325 both privately and professionally. It would have been nice if the M220 had additional LI + RE on the bike (I use it privately for volume), but it’s not that important.

What I find really stupid is the mouse setting over the new “Logitech Options” juice product, made for teens with attention deficit disorder, but not for technicians. Fortunately, the mouse is set up quickly, you only need the stupid juice if you want to adjust the cursor speed. I would have liked the look of the M330 better, but it didn’t fit by hand, too big for me. As I said, after many happy years with the M325, every other mouse automatically has bad cards, the M220 comes pretty close to the M325 in terms of fit / ergonomics, but it is a lot quieter, which I find very positive.

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Logitech M220 Software Download

In the meantime I have “found” the weak point of the M220 gaming mouse, the mouse wheel is relatively stiff and accompanied by a grinding noise, in the long run totally annoying. The ideal mouse for me from the ergonomics of the M220 / M325, L + R M220, mouse wheel MX Anywhere, battery life M220 / M325. I would buy the MX 2S, but hate the built-in battery and the relatively short runtime.

Edit 05/17/19: solved the problem with the dragging mouse wheel, not very “elegant”, but very effective. Subjected the mouse to an “OP” (Phillips screw in the battery compartment), then bent the steel spring out of the inside of the mouse wheel, wanted to remove it, but first you have to get the mouse wheel out of the guides, if you can do it.
And lo and behold, now I have an M220 with hyper-fast scrolling.

In the meantime I’ve also tried the M590, she does not go bad, but after a while I get pain in the palm of the hand, it is only slightly larger than the M220, but that’s enough …
My new favorite mouse, a pimped M220 with hyperscroll function.

I bought a total of 4 pieces of this mouse, two of them in reserve, as I have already had experiences with good products being phased out. I bought the mouse from MM about a year ago, along with another Logitech model, which turned out to be significantly worse (M330).

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The following positive properties can be cited for the M220 after intensive continuous use for over a year:

  • + Fulfills the “Silent” criterion 100% on the main buttons AND the center button (scroll wheel) + Scroll wheel and buttons completely consistent quality and response
  • + Battery life also in CAD Continuous use (10 h / day, 6 days / week) good – at least 3 months with Duracell
  • + can be switched off for mobile transport
  • + Attractive design, the shape also fits my slightly larger hands
  • + Good resolution and comfortable speed
  • + Good range (approx. 3 m with 2.4 GHz wireless)
  • + No superfluous side buttons that are usually only accidentally triggered
  • + Bluetooth also possible for USB – Laptops or tablets with few interfaces + Battery compartment and USB adapter stock very easily accessible and yet protected
  • + At least alternative colors, so that you can also distinguish between 2 mice on 2 PCs
  • + It has already accepted a few falls from a height of 1 m on parquet without complaint.

I’m not a particular fan of Logitech, but the manufacturer did everything right with this mouse. For that he can ask a little more. So I have no choice but to give it 5 stars.
The only additional request on my part would be more color variations.

Download Logitech M220 Driver/Software:

Software Download:

For Mac

Logitech Options:
  • Software Version: 8.10.64
  • OS: Mac OS 10.15, Mac OS 10.14, Mac OS 10.13
  • File Size: 83 MB

Download Here

For Windows

Logitech Options:
  • Software Version: 8.10.154
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • File Size: 195 MB

Download Here