Logitech K280e Pro Driver, Windows Drivers & Manual

Logitech K280e Pro Driver, Windows Drivers & Manual

Download driver and software for Logitech K280e Pro Business Keyboard. I really liked the Logitech K280e Pro keyboard itself. The stroke is pleasant, no rattling noises. But what doesn’t work at all, the keyboard doesn’t get along with the PC. What does that mean? Since the keyboard has been used, the UEFI BIOS has been started every time it is started. I can continue with F1 (PC starts) or switch to BIOS setup with F2. But not enough, when I switched to setup, I noticed that some settings in the BIOS were changed.

Logitech K280e Driver and Review

For example, the CPU fan always runs at maximum speed, but other settings have also been changed. This game repeats itself regularly. I was able to reproduce this error by reconnecting the “old” keyboard (Medion). Even after 10 reboots, the PC starts as set by me.

I then reconnected the Logitech keyboard to a different USB port. With this it now works again without any problems. It is still strange that the function or influence on the start of the PC depends on the USB port. The connection was made directly at the port, not via a USB hub.

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If the error occurs again on the current port, I will probably have to return the keyboard. Why is there no reference or link to the Logitech K280e Pro SetPoint software for this keyboard in the product description? Now, after restarting the PC, the error occurs again. I will return the keyboard.

Update March 2nd, 2021. I must correct myself. The keyboard works fine again. Several factors came into question for the “malfunction” start in the BIOS.

  • 1. The keyboard was in use for about 14 days when the error first occurred.
  • 2. During this time there were three updates of Windows 10.

The old keyboard worked again because there were only a few minutes between the test starts. When the PC restarted after a few hours, the error also occurred with this keyboard. Now the only possible cause was the CMOS battery. After replacing this battery (CR2032) everything works fine again. Conclusion: the keyboard is okay. Therefore upgraded from originally 2 stars to 5 stars.

Exactly in line with expectations. The keyboard is quiet and nimble, and the wide storage space is quite comfortable. Due to the rectangular shape, there is no ergonomic keyboard, but they are not available in this price range anyway.

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Logitech K280e Pro Software Download

No mechanical keys, no rubberized WASD, no RGB and therefore less of a gaming keyboard, but ideal as a hybrid of work and a few rounds of gaming every now and then.

The multimedia keys (especially play / pause, back, forward, silent, quieter, louder and standby) were very important to me and can be used intuitively via the Fn key after a short period of getting used to.

  1. + Quiet
  2. + Flat keys (good for quick typing)
  3. + Multimedia keys
  4. + Large num pad
  5. + Stable and high quality


  1. – More office than gaming (which is to be expected)
  2. – Multimedia keys can only be used with the Fn key, not separately
  3. – Not very ergonomic for the wrists

For years I’ve swear by Logitech input devices. When I got my hands on a trackball mouse for the first time about 10 years ago, I was thrilled. Since my laptop keyboard is slowly starting to stop working, I didn’t think twice about ordering a Logitech keyboard.

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I couldn’t believe the negative recessions – here it is clear that this is a BUSINESS keyboard and not a GAMING keyboard which of course has different keystrokes. Since the pandemic started, this keyboard has been my all-time favorite. I couldn’t say anything about the “volume” when you hit the keys – it’s a perfectly normal sound!

The connection cable is long enough and thanks to Plug & Play, the keyboard is ready for use immediately after connecting it to a USB port. In my opinion, the feel is very good and so is the workmanship! Due to the beveled support surface, it is very ergonomic and your wrists won’t hurt even after prolonged typing! I give a clear recommendation for everyone who needs a reliable keyboard!

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Download Logitech K280e Pro Driver:

Logitech Corded K280e Keyboard Software and Drivers Download (Windows)

  • Logitech Set Point (win 32 bit) – Download [72  MB]
  • Logitech Set Point (win 64 bit) – Download [82.8 MB]
  • Logitech Firmware Upadate Tool (32 bit) – Download [14.7  MB]
  • Logitech Firmware Upadate Tool (64 bit) – Download [13.3  MB]