Logitech C910 Driver, Software & Manual Download

Logitech C910 Driver, Software & Manual Download

Logitech C910 Software Download. Logitech’s new flagship webcam is called the HD Pro Webcam C910 and is capable of recording Full HD videos (1920×1080 pixels) and video chatting at 720p. Other optical highlights of the webcam, which is equipped with a glass lens from Carl Zeiss, are the photos with ten megapixels (interpolated) and the autofocus. And so that your ears don’t miss out when chatting, the C901 records the conversations in stereo sound using two microphones attached to the left and right of the lens.


Logitech C910 Drivers Download

Logitech has also added the HD feature to its Vid chat software, so that conversations can actually take place in full 720p resolution. In addition, a technique called Fluid Crystal should optimize colors, image sharpness and sound quality and ensure a smooth flow of images. The HD Pro Webcam C910 already available from August 2010.

The price for the HD Pro Webcam C910 is therefore relatively high, which of course immediately raises the question of whether it might be worth waiting for the webcam (and maybe saving). The tech portal which was allowed to test the webcam in advance and, to put it briefly, was “very impressed” with the high-resolution images, provides help with the answer. The difference in quality is so remarkable that one can hardly imagine ever going back to a “normal” webcam.

However, the HD Pro Webcam C910 does its job well even in poor light conditions (which cannot be said of every webcam), whereas the autofocus is a bit sluggish, and the urge to move in front of the camera should therefore be kept in check. The material and processing quality, on the other hand, is high according to the test report.

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Those who have an upload speed of 1Mbit/s will get their money’s worth with the 720p camera for video chats. However, the HD Pro Webcam C910 costs more than twice as much as Microsoft’s LifeCam 5000 HD camera, which does not deliver 1,080p images, but offers an onboard processor for HD chats via Skype which the HD Pro Webcam C910 is denied. Logitech should actually work on the pricing a bit.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 Software

Logitech has been offering webcams in its range for many, many years. Personally, I’ve been using these cameras since before Macs came with iSight as standard.

Logitech has recently started offering the “HD Pro Webcam C910”. Not exactly a bargain at just under €100 (although Amazon is already selling them for around €80). We now want to see whether it is worth buying this camera, especially for Mac owners, and whether you experience real added value with it, as Logitech promises.

Plug in & get started?

Yes…uh…yeah. Oh well. So. In principle, the HD webcam actually behaves like the integrated iSight on the Mac. Once connected, it can be selected and used in Skype, iChat or Photobooth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with iMovie, Photoshop or Aperture, for example. The camera is connected via USB 2.0. So if you only want to use it for chatting in the usual programs, you can get started right away. But if you also want to transmit HD video to the other party, you first have to install Logitech’s own software. Unfortunately.

The picture quality

At a very high level and of course much better than the quality of the iSight present in my MacBook Pro (Late 2008). The images from the HD Pro webcam are bright and sharp, and the autofocus works very quickly and reliably. Close-ups in particular are exceptionally good. Unfortunately (and you can’t blame Logitech for that) Photobooth doesn’t support the full resolution of the camera, for example, and iMovie doesn’t recognize it either.

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The same applies to Photoshop or Aperture. That’s annoying, of course, since those who pay €100 for this webcam probably want to take a few pictures now and then, and not just in VGA resolution. The camera certainly has the potential to do so.

It would have been desirable if Logitech had also supplied its own driver in addition to the standard drivers in order to be able to fine-tune the image of the camera. Unfortunately, all images are somewhat oversharpened , which can sometimes lead to slight color fringes.

The software

Oy oy oy… how do I say that without offending anyone? Very, very bad! Besides the general instability (tested on OS 10.6) it’s not only made cumbersome (a separate account has to be created) it’s also badly programmed. There are unmotivated camera icons floating somewhere above the text (ABOVE the text), lines are running beyond the background, you know, dear guys from Logitech (no offense meant).

But if you can’t program (I can’t either), then please don’t do it and better provide a driver that allows and enables all functions including fine-tuning of the camera. As a Mac user, you generally tend not to want to run an installer with new hardware, but if the installed software then runs in the background and offers an outstanding user experience,

IF I’m going to install “Logitech Vid HD”, then I would at least expect it to be basically solidly built (not like the one shown below, more on Flickr), not crash, and give me the option to video chat with the Cam to take photos with the maximum possible resolution AND also to use the camera in all applications that are practicable (iMovie, Aperture, etc.) 0 points for Vid HD.

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Logitech Software

Here the camera naturally benefits from the generally very high image quality. For example, if you mount the camera on the television and plug it into a MacMini, like we do, you will get a nice wide-angle picture. So the rest of the family can see everything; the autofocus ensures the necessary sharpness. Very fine. Everything went smoothly.

Whether this was a Facetime HD call, I can’t say. Of course, the camera also has built-in microphones that capture and transmit the sound quite clearly and with sufficient volume. Very fine. I could have definitely gotten used to using the camera on the MacMini for Facetime all the time!


Download Logitech C910 Drivers Software:

Logitech C910 HD Pro Webcam Getting Started Guide PDF Download

Setup Guide (.pdf)
The C910 HD Webcam Quick Start Guide Download

Logitech C910 Software Download For Mac OS

Logitech Webcam Software
Software Version ⇒ 2.2
Last Update ⇒ 2010/12/12
OS Support ⇒ Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, 10.4 or older
File Size ⇒ 73 MB

Logitech C910 Software Download For Windows OS

Logitech Webcam Software
Version ⇒ 2.80.853.0a
Last Update ⇒ 2012/10/27
OS Support ⇒ Windows 8, Windows 10
Size ⇒ 73 MB
Logitech Webcam Software
Version ⇒ 2.51.828.0
Last Update ⇒ 2010/06/10
OS Support ⇒ Windows 7, Vista, XP, or older
Size ⇒ 73 MB

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