Fujitsu fi-6230 Drivers & Downloads

Fujitsu fi-6230 Drivers & Downloads

Fujitsu fi-6230 Software Download. The software consisted of three main programs. The scanning program ScanSnap automatically recognized the size of the paper, straightened skewed paper digitally, enabled duplex scanning (both sides) and recognized from the writing how the files had to be rotated.


Fujitsu fi-6230 Drivers Download

This resulted in very good quality PDF files, which were managed using the next program, ScanSnap Organizier. In it, like in a photo manager, each file was presented with a thumbnail from the first page, for example the cover of a magazine, which made searching and finding easier.

Adobe Acrobat 8 ​​was also included in the package. It could no longer be activated, so support from Adobe was required. The software mix was able to subsequently process the PDF files with an OCR function, i.e. text recognition, and also offered a cross-document search for keywords.

In a very short time, this scanner proved to be indispensable. All sorts of stacks of paper disappeared from the shelves. Magazines were regularly scanned and disposed of. The same happened every year when preparing the tax documents. Instead of a pile of paper, the tax return included a DVD with a clear list of the PDF files stored on it. It was accepted without hesitation by the tax office and regularly sent back to me for safekeeping.

Working with a digital archive on the big screen was much more pleasant and easier than rummaging through files. Paper is heavy and takes up space. With document scanners, thick stacks of paper can be digitized, which can then be disposed of. Most paper stacks and cut magazines are processed perfectly, even with different paper sizes and sometimes with kinks. However, there are also printed papers that cause difficulties.

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It is then annoying that the document scanner does not reliably pull through the individual sheets one after the other, but sometimes transports two or three sheets at the same time. At least he notices this and stops the process with an error message.

Various factors influence transport errors, including humidity. Over time, you learn which material a document scanner processes well and which one should not be inserted in the first place.

The scanner creates a PDF file from the inserted stack of paper. A good program for PDF management is therefore important, such as the ScanSnap Organizer with good management and search functions. It enables you to search for specific terms and, as a result, displays the relevant files along with the specific pages.

Fujitsu fi-6230 Scanner Software

I have the Fujitsu fi-6230 device almost 3 years and am really satisfied. Meanwhile, the device has scanned approx. 40,000 pages and I have, because of the age, about 3 months ago, the intake rollers exchanged. I also clean the device regularly.

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The Fujitsu has a great hotline, always the same employee and the device runs also under Window 7 flawlessly. The setting options of the Twain driver I only installed this), black/white and color, confused me at the beginning. But after good tips of the hotline and regular updates, I have now found my profiles and fixed.

The pickup speed (Lenovo notebook T410s with i560 processor and SSD, with color, 300dpi, duplex, neat contrast & saturation, and pdf output towards 25-30 pages per minute. Class are further: auto rotation, blank page removal, setting the margins, F-key assignment etc. I put the machine as a scanner, copier and (via software) fax machine.

The only drawback is, that my device unfortunately no pocket for the A3 size was supplied. It was delivered with the Scansnap at that time and it was really great how and through software and the documents were put together. I would buy this Fujitsu fi-6230 scanner device again and again and, although it was quite expensive, did not regret a cent.

My practice ladies have been practicing for more than a year in the art of document capture. All newly arriving documents are scanned immediately, in addition, in “free minutes” the files of more than thirty years of doctors’ practices are converted into bits and bites, so that I can free the shelves. These are several meters DINa4 folder.

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After all, the ladies are already at the letter “D” arrived and about one and a half meters DINa4 folder has already disappeared, ie it has turned into bits and bites. Together with the corresponding software, the device is flawless, is used as a fax and copy scanner, runs daily for several hours of continuous use and has not yet allowed a single failure. Our copies, faxes and document scans are of good quality, and the device is a solid workhorse.

It is relatively small, quiet, and still looks like you could almost say “chic” (is of course taste). Not suitable for farbscans, but can also be based on the software we use, but is not interested in our practice. The device is already worth it now, a clear purchase recommendation.


Download Fujitsu fi-6230 Drivers Software:

Fujitsu fi-6230 Drivers for Windows:

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