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Download driver for Epson L361 Driver printer. The Epson L361 is compact, even though the ink cartridges are located outside the main body. Uses a composition of four CMYK inks. It has a flatbed scanner, so in addition to the normal printer mode, it can also be used as a copier. The first set of inks, which comes with the device, will allow you to print up to 12,000 pages of black and white and 6,500 pages in color.

Epson L361 Drivers & Review

The control is on the front panel, which can be folded out if necessary. It has buttons for black and white and color copying, as well as to turn on Wi-Fi. In addition to the USB connection, the device can be connected to a computer or smartphone wirelessly. This gives you a network device in your office or home. The L361 is designed wherever large volumes need to be printed. It may be at home, but we see a more likely use in the office.

When printing, the maximum droplet size is 3 pl and is printed using variable droplet volume technology. The maximum print head resolution is 5760 × 1440 dpi and the print head has a total of 180 nozzles. The maximum resolution of the scanner is 1200 × 2400 dpi. It is therefore also suitable for scanning photographic attachments. When it comes to printing, you can see a clear focus on document printing here.

We will reveal at the beginning of this section that we were extremely satisfied with this model. The installation took a few seconds by installing the drivers from the manufacturer into the system. Device recognition was seamless. However, it is important that the print itself. No long “rattling” of the print head and paper feed mechanism. After entering the job to print via USB connection, the process started within 4 seconds. This is a time when other models do not even make the sound of preparation. She pushed at a constant speed, no pauses.

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Not even for PDF documents. The device also did not make any unnecessary noises when the task was completed. It was ready to print again. We tried it when printing a multi-page document, but also in single-page mode as batches in the form of multiple jobs. No long downtimes or pauses, this also convinced us that the multifunction can be deployed in the company via Wi-Fi as a network machine for multiple users.

Device drivers have several predefined profiles that determine quality as well as speed. We tried to print in the fastest but also the best quality mode. At the fastest, certain reserves in the accuracy of the lines are sometimes visible. Even so, we printed the table in small print in very good quality. Except for a few details, the lines were straight and during their line almost without overdrying by damaging the line by a few pixels. However, despite the good quality, the fastest mode is more for concepts than for commercial materials. That is, the emails or texts you need for yourself. Normal mode provides higher quality, and the best mode is suitable for PDF documents.

In our opinion, the device is not suitable for photos. On the one hand, it does not allow borderless printing and leaves about 5 mm lines on photo paper. These are visible when the light from the paper reflects. Another factor is that there is no direct option in the drivers to print photographic materials, although photo papers are limited to a limited extent.

The first page is printed in 8 seconds in color and draft mode. Print a 5-page PDF in the fastest mode in 1:09 min, which is a great time. The highest quality mode extended printing up to 7:20 min. The time required for the ink to dry before the next one is placed on the previous paper also plays a role here. You can print a 25-page document in 2:32 minutes, also in the fastest and color mode. B&W mode slightly shortens the printing time, in our case to 2:17 min.

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Epson L361 Driver Installer

The Epson L361 is a multifunction device that supports large print volumes. The cartridges are purchased in bottles and you add them to an external container as needed. Each color costs EUR 6.17. Colors have a yield of 6500 pages, black colors 4500 pages. All inks are in a volume of 70 ml.

The initial price is not the lowest. But this is an inkjet multifunction, in which you will not have to buy new ink cartridges at any time and you will refill as much color as you need. In addition, its operation is quiet and it performs its tasks for the first time.

Epson L361 Driver Download. There were no problem in Epson L361 printer installation. Following the instructions, everything went smoothly and without problems. But, the process of transferring ink bottles into the container on the device could be changed. Bottles do not have any collateral, while tilting quite easily accidental spill. Connecting to Wi-Fi. With me goes without a problem, probably in 99% of other users will not be a problem, but there is one condition WPS. If you have a router without this function, or it is turned off for some reason, it does not connect the USB cable, there\’s no way. The Epson L361 does not have any, even the monochrome display, so you do not have to manually enter the network settings.

Epson L361 Printer Driver Download. One major downside is the time of this process. When you first start the following calibration and spill ink heads. This process takes approx. 20 minutes at installing drivers and software gives a total of approx. 40 minutes, according to me is a bit much. Let\’s print quality and speed is satisfactory. Epson L361 scanner is running, you can copy it. Briefly. There was a small problem when you try to print two smaller images on a larger sheet. One was black and white, the other in color. While the colorful looked ok., Is a black-and-white came in shades of brown. Printed came alone already correctly (I know that the image quality leaves much to be desired, but it was done in camera phone, printed, scanned, and only thrown here). Epson L361 Software Driver Download.

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Download Printer Driver Epson L361. The Epson also has released a mobile application to use the Wi-Fi. On Android, it works quite smoothly. It allows you to print documents, photos, scanning (although there are only two resolutions) has virtually everything I personally needed. The problem is that I do not use Android (tested on the tablet\’s wife).

Unfortunately, it turns out that Windows Phone for Epson does not exist. It is true that I have found a program that allows you to print, but can not forget about scanning.I remember a few years ago similar applications for HP (yes, there will be some comparisons to HP not because somebody pays for it, but because their devices know best) and they are available on virtually all popular and less popular platforms like Windows Phone Android, iOS, BlackBerry. Little use of the device itself.

Download Driver Printer Epson L361. In short, it is weak. As for the price is downright tragic. What is lacking in any of the display. Earlier, I mentioned that this will be a problem for manual configuring the network. When copying also will not help us. I will explain here how it was mentioned in the first paragraph of the HP C3180. I chose the copy is to be color or black and white copy quality (3 levels) and the number of copies and pressed the \”Start\”.


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