Winstars WS-UG35H5 Driver, Software & Download

Winstars WS-UG35H5 Driver, Software & Download

Winstars WS-UG35H5 USB 3.0 to HDMI/DVI Adapter Software Download. I wasn’t put off by the negative reviews and treated myself to the Winstars WS-UG35H5. I could not observe the massive driver problems that have been described many times with the current Win 10 (purchase 11/2018). To be honest, the installation was actually pure plug and play.


Winstars WS-UG35H5 Drivers Download

I proceeded as follows: I downloaded the standalone driver from the Winstars site (this driver version comes without the Netgear software, which is also often criticized, I actually think it’s better if the WLAN is managed via the Windows board tools, a Additional software does not bring any advantages here).

Following the installation instructions on the packaging, I started the driver installation BEFORE plugging in the wifi adapter. Lo and behold: runs like a charme! No delays in Windows startup, no connection losses or other problems. It just runs really fast, although I can’t use the maximum speed because my router only supports 2×2 antenna configurations.

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I bought the Winstars WS-UG35H5 anyway because the little Netgear AC1200 brother was only about seven euros cheaper at the time of purchase and I use the adapter stationary on my desktop computer.

The latter is a point: if you want to buy an adapter for your laptop, you should use a smaller adapter. The A7000 is big and wide, really damn big and wide! The only thing worth discussing is why the base has to accommodate such a strong magnet that it should be kept away from hard drives and other magnetic storage devices.

So I’m pretty happy with the stick. Had bad connection problems with a D-Link DWA-171. There were always connection dropouts. The stick is really very fast and stable with a 54 Mbit connection (the access point cannot do more). Tomorrow I’ll get myself a 1900 AccessPoint and I’m curious if everything will be much faster with it.

The Winstars WS-UG35H5 driver installation was a bit bumpy because I first pulled the latest version from the internet instead of installing it from the CD. That didn’t really work, the device was displayed but could not be addressed. I then installed the CD over it and everything has worked since then.

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Winstars WS-UG35H5 USB Software

Some reviews are bad for this product, here I can only say that those who can read have a clear advantage. The package insert (in all European languages) describes exactly how to install the Netgear A6100-100PES. If you do that, you will be rewarded with a super data throughput and range.

Works through my whole house (reinforced concrete!) and I still have a constant 72 Mbit / second in the furthest corner. If the stick comes closer to the router, it gets (of course) better.

After several completely unsuitable WLAN sticks (known and unknown brands), I finally have a usable WLAN connection with the Winstars. The installation (under Win7) was simple, the stand for the stick has a non-slip surface and the signal strength is absolutely ok for my needs (download >120 mbit/s, upload >50 mbit/s).

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Plugging it in at the back of the PC is not possible because of the other connections already occupied there, since the stick has no space for the fold-out antenna there. In addition, it would pull down due to its own weight, which would certainly not be optimal for the USB connection.

It is beyond me, however, why “signal strength good” and “signal strength sufficient” are sometimes displayed on the PC (with no detectable difference in surfing speed), although the router menu shows very similar, always high, download rates. As long as the connection quality doesn’t suffer, I shouldn’t care.


Download Winstars WS-UG35H5 Drivers Software:

Driver Name Download Version Update
UGA product driver package V9.2M2 Windows  Mac  9.2M2 10/19/2019
DisplayLink_USB_Graphics_Software_for_Windows_9.2_M3 Windows  9.2M3 01/08/2020
DisplayLink_USB_Graphics_Software_for_Windows_9.3_M0 Windows  9.3M0 01/08/2020
DisplayLink_USB_Graphics_Software_for_macOS 5.2 Mac  5.2 01/08/2020

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