TP-Link RE655 Test & FIrmware Update

TP-Link RE655 Test & Firmware Update

Review and firmware for TP-Link RE655 V2 WLAN Repeater. In our family home we have the problem that our Fritzbox is not sufficient to provide the whole house with a good WiFi signal. There were always rooms with very poor reception depending on the position of the box. That’s why I chose this repeater!

TP-Link RE655 V2 Review

Installation: The repeater must be plugged into a socket in a room with reasonably good WiFi reception. Either you press the WPS button on the router and repeater at the same time. Both devices connect automatically or you connect to the WiFi of the repeater and call up the configuration page (standard gateway)

TP-Link RE655 Use: Depending on the configuration, you can use your existing connection or the repeater creates a new WLAN with a different name or suffix “WLANNAME_repeater”. Result: In the rooms with poor WLAN, better reception and internet use is now possible. The goal has been achieved and I am satisfied. 5/5 stars !!!

As a Prime customer, the item was delivered as quickly as possible and I unpacked the repeater immediately. When starting up via the WPS button, it did not work and the repeater was unable to establish a connection with my Vodafone router. So I chose installation variant 2 and went to the recommended website with the Ipad and established the connection there. The process is well described in the brochure and I was able to implement it within 3 minutes.

Then the repeater worked at full power right next to the router. I then connected the device to a different socket in the stairwell and the signal strength was halved, but it was still sufficient for a stable connection to the 1st and 2nd floor, as well as to my basement office. In addition, I made the connection to another PC in the basement via a LAN cable, which now has a much better reception. So I’m very satisfied and the connection is much better than before.

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When looking for a WiFi amplifier, I found it here. The amplifier is well made and clean and has a suitable size. TP-Link RE655 is quick to install and does its job well and smoothly. The reason for the purchase was our poor internet connection in the basement, where there is a cinema room. We have had it for 4 months now. Since you buy fewer and fewer Blurays and stream more on the Internet via Amazon, Netflix, etc., a better connection had to be made.

Thanks to the WiFi amplifier which I plugged into the socket in the hallway from the basement, you finally have a good connection not only in the cinema room, but also in the other rooms. We are excited. Especially for the course of just 20 euros. I can only recommend this TP-Link RE655!

I had to get the repeater because my son got a switch and unfortunately it has such poor WiFi reception that I had to install a repeater close to the switch. That works wonderfully.
The setup is very simple, only I noticed that I cannot use the same SSID without having problems with the other WLAN devices. But it’s probably just a mistake on my part. Otherwise, the connection is stable and the specified speed fits so far. Besides, I don’t use a Fritz Box or a TP-Link router, I have a cheap box from a cable provider.

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TP-Link RE655 V2 Firmware

Because the speed port did not reach the ground floor, a repeater was needed. Read through the reviews here, the purchase decision was made quickly. I’m anything but an IT expert and after initial attempts to install the part using a laptop, I read through the installation instructions, which is unusual for a man and behold, it was child’s play with the free app. Even today I no longer needed the instructions when I had to reinstall everything in the house.

App downloaded again, running. I would definitely buy this repeater again, because I’ve only been using it since the end of November, so I can’t say anything about the long-term durability. But it is stable and of high quality. This product does what it should and does it very well. It is well made and is optically very nice and has no external antennas.

Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the range, as I can’t make the most of it in my apartment. However, I did not have a reception in the study beforehand. The router is in the living room. I placed the repeater about halfway and now have great download and upload rates that are max. 15% below the level next to the router. I rate this result as great.

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Installation is child’s play and almost self-explanatory. There are 3 options, but I found the app to be the easiest to install. The app can be found in the description via QR code or manually. First you connect to the repeater and then you can enter the router’s password. The device then connects. In order to be able to use the repeater, one dials into the WLAN of the device. The name of the repeater can be found under the name of the actual WLAN name + EXT.

In the end I gave a more expensive repeater to the electronic scrap because it could not be operated even after several hours of training at night. My choice then fell on this repeater because it was advertised as being easy to install. And that is exactly the case. I think it’s brilliant that the quite bright LEDs can be switched off for the night via the app. I can highly recommend this part to everyone who wants to use electronics without having to understand them. Reception in remote rooms of the house is no longer a problem.

I bought different extender and I had to go online and the website would not let me in, them I found out that my net was not compatible with it, so I bought this one. Plugged it in, touched 2 buttons and it was active and working within seconds! Great item! No stress about websites, accepts all nets. Highly recommend!

Download for TP-Link RE655 V2:

TP-Link RE655 V2 Firmware – DOWNLOAD