D-Link Covr-1102: A cheap WiFi mesh system

D-Link Covr-1102: A cheap WiFi mesh system


The D-Link Covr-1102 is one of the cheaper representatives of its kind. Does the WiFi mesh system still score in the practical test?


D-Link Covr-1102 Quick Review

When the router WiFi is too weak to supply the whole house, WiFi mesh systems can help. The first mesh device is connected to the existing modem (router) via LAN cable, and others can be distributed in the house within radio range. Then all devices connect with each other and form a comprehensive WLAN that always optimally connects end devices such as smartphones and notebooks with clever functions. D-Link Covr-1102 is one of the cheaper mesh systems (from 80 euros; all prices as of February 26, 2021). How does it fare in the practice test?

D-Link Covr-1102: WiFi speed and connections

D-Link Covr-1102 consists of two mesh devices and is more suitable for covering smaller households. This is also supported by the theoretical WLAN performance: With WLAN-ac (5 gigahertz), each Covr can manage up to 867 megabits per second (Mbps), in the older n standard up to 300 Mbps are possible.

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The D-Link system does not support the new standard Wifi 6 (WLAN-ax). In the tempo measurements, the Covr-1102 achieved up to 604 Mbps in sending and up to 560 in receiving and that’s quite decent and roughly corresponds to the WLAN performance of the slightly faster AVM FritzRepeater 1200 (from 58 euros). There are two Gigabit speed LAN ports (1,000 Mbps) on each Covr.


D-Link Covr-1102: Mesh and more

As befits a mesh system, D-Link Covr-1102 uses all kinds of intelligent technologies that optimize WLAN management. The network automatically connects end devices with the faster WLAN frequency (band steering) and the Covr with the strongest signal (access point steering). Thanks to multi-user MIMO, the mesh system sends in parallel to several suitable end devices; thanks to beamforming, targeted sending increases the WLAN performance.

Also good: the D-Link system masters the new WLAN encryption standard WPA3, which offers more security. The downside, however, is that the two WiFi frequency bands cannot be divided into separate SSIDs. If you connect to the Covr-1102, the system decides in which frequency this happens and here you do not have full control over the WLAN connections.

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D-Link Covr-1102 Setup, operation, functions

The easiest way to set up the D-Link Covr-1102 is via the app, an assistant guides you through easy-to-understand steps. Alternatively, the classic setup via browser menu is also possible. Operation via the app is also easy thanks to the clear menu. In the application, users can activate a guest network and set up time-limited access for devices (e.g. from children). If you create a user account with D-Link, you can optionally control the devices by voice (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant). The browser menu offers more options: Here, users prioritize devices, block specific websites and configure the integrated VPN server.

D-Link Covr-1102: Alternatives

D-Link Covr-1102 is particularly suitable for owners of a lame router who want to cover a smaller living room with WiFi. For slightly larger living spaces, a look at the Covr-1103 (from 141 euros) might be worthwhile and the mesh system consists of three instead of two devices.

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If the router generally has a high performance, a repeater makes more sense. For FritzBox owners, the FritzRepeater 2400 (from 77 euros) is recommended, for owners of a newer Speedport router the Telekom Speed ​​Home WiFi (from 66 euros) both router-repeater combinations also offer clever mesh functions. D-Lonk Covr-1102 is already commercially available. The set of two costs from 80 euros.


D-Link Covr-1102 conclusion: you have to know that

D-Link Covr-1102 has many clever functions that optimize the WLAN automatically. Setup and operation are easy, the Wi-Fi speed is okay. With its performance, the mesh system is more suitable for smaller households. If you have a fast router, you are probably better off with a classic WiFi repeater.

D-Link Covr-1102 Pros:

  • Decent WiFi speed
  • Clever WiFi functions
  • Easy to set up and use

D-Link Covr-1102 Cons:

  • Some fine adjustments are missing


D-Link Covr-1102 Simple Setup APP Download

Apple App Store

Google Play Store


D-Link Covr-1102 Datasheet PDF Download


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