MSI GE73VR 7RF Driver Download

MSI GE73VR 7RF Drivers for Windows

MSI GE73VR 7RF-039 Windows Driver 64-bit. Since my rating will have a rather negative effect, I would like to have said a few positive things in advance. The MSI GE73VR 7RF notebook packs every current program / game that I have tried so far. Witcher 3 / Gta V / Far Cry everything absolutely liquid on Full HD and Ultra. So if you are purely about performance and you know a little about computers, you are well advised with the notebook thanks to the top hardware.


MSI GE73VR 7RF Drivers Download

The MSI GE73VR 7RF performance itself is of course top 5 stars for it, as always. Now for the negative points. (Don’t let this influence you too negatively, I’m an extreme currant crap). Personally, I find the state in which the notebook is delivered horrific.

A lot of unnecessary software that partially blocks each other and leads to strange problems. A cruel screen calibration. In addition, due to an Nvidia Optimus problem in connection with Windows 10, there are repeated 1-3 second freezes when the program is started in normal use. (Can be fixed by leaving the graphics card idle). As some reviewers have already mentioned, all that helps here is a clean install.

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The temperatures reached by the notebook (especially the processor) in the delivery state after just 5 minutes Gta are extremely high, as can be seen in the picture below. At a max temp of 100 degrees given by Intel, I find 98 already worrying and disappointing after 5 minutes, although the fans are running at 5000 rpm+.

My ultrabook with the same processor and similar hardware does not manage to reach the temperatures this notebook reaches, despite the lack of cooling. An undervolt with an Intel XTU of -120 to -125 mv in my case improved the temperature by 6-9 degrees. Unfortunately, the keyboard sometimes gets so warm under load that you don’t really want to touch it anymore.

The MSI GE73VR 7RF keyboard layout is also not really my thing, rather impractical and takes getting used to. The microphone quality is unfortunately far below that of my 5 year old gaming notebook. The stuck-on decorative strips on the back devalue the actually beautiful aluminum cover very much.

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The whole notebook is also a real fingerprint, as you can see in the picture, and the dust magnet looks ugly, but you can wipe it again in 5 minutes (but it gets dirty again just as quickly).

MSI GE73VR 7RF Laptop Software

Unfortunately, the aluminum cover is sometimes unevenly processed which, as can be seen in the picture below, also unfortunately leads to unsightly gaps between the aluminum keyboard cover and the cheap plastic underside.

Unfortunately, there are also halos on my screen at the bottom edge of the screen is not bad and sometimes normal with such panels, but sometimes a shame with dark films / games.

The MSI GE73VR 7RF fan volume will not be a problem for headset users, but if you want to chat with people in the room while playing, you will unfortunately feel disturbed by the volume. Unfortunately only 1 16 Gb bars instead of 2 8 Gb, so unfortunately no dual channel.

Clean Install Win10, Undervolt (-0.120v) on my model, change thermal paste. Don’t worry about the guarantee. Quote from MSI”If you replace the thermal paste on the device with a high-quality one (guarantee remains, provided nothing breaks during the work)”.

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This MSI GE73VR 7RF is a powerful notebook with a good display and several weaknesses that can be partially remedied. It’s a shame that the MSI with all the bloatware and the bad thermal paste and mediocre workmanship for the current price delivers a rather 3 star laptop, but with a little work it turns into a 4 star Device transformed.


MSI GE73VR 7RF Driver Download for Windows 64-bit:

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