Download Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ Drivers

Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ Drivers & Download

Download Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ Driver Notebook. We grabbed this Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ ultrabook on BlackFriday for 899.00 (almost half of the normal VP). At first I was really skeptical, especially because of the average to bad ratings here on amazon, but we thought “what should happen?” at worst, we would just send it back.


Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ Drivers Download

To give you, the reader, a better overview of my assessment, why some things are not bad for me, here my starting position: I bought my last laptop a good 10 years ago, it was an Acer Aspire 5742G with an i5-460M processor, 4GB RAM, an NVIDIA GeForce GT420M 1GB graphics card and a 500GB HDD hard drive.
At that time this Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ was really not bad, only after the Windows 10 update at the latest you could almost throw it in the bin. The start of the operating system, from pressing the power button to actually being able to “work”, was between 1:30 and 3:00 minutes, depending on how he was doing.

Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ Laptop Drivers

The Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ drivers installation of new updates (not the download) took many, many minutes, I can’t tell you how long, then mostly went to sleep and closed the black screen in the morning. I don’t even need to start with the program execution. Games like SIMS 4 hang at the latest when “creating a SIM” -> program no longer reacts (apparently the standard excuse of a computer when it no longer manages to do justice to a program ).
So my requirements weren’t exactly the highest.
It was important to me:
  • – a quick start including a quick start to work
  • – fast program execution
  • – at least being able to play lighter games like Sims 4 or Minecraft smoothly
  • – writing something in Word without the letters being shot up after 5 seconds
  • – being able to stream films, without annoying hang-ups in the most exciting places
To anticipate the tension, this ultrabook manages all of this without a hitch.
Nevertheless, I’ll give you a few pro and cons:
  • + super fast start between 5-10 seconds until you can work
  • + all programs start very very quickly (within the lower single-digit second range)
  • + no jerking during program execution
  • + the 14 \”display is perfect , matt display – great colors and resolution
  • + good graphics
  • + keyboard lighting (can even be set to three levels)
  • + automatic light detection (can be switched on and off)
  • + very flat and light device (I wonder where they are installing everything these days)
  • + Connections are limited to what is required or network and HDMI adapters are included
  • + super-fast fingerprint recognition
~ The fan… yes, it turns on rather quickly, but well, that’s what I’m used to from my old device, it is there anyway been in continuous operation. In any case, while I am writing the recession or using Word, it does not answer. It is strong when gaming, when streaming or when these wonderful updates are to be installed again.
~ 256GB is not that much storage now, but I have arranged myself with an external hard drive and am thinking of buying a NAS. The 256GB are probably sufficient for everyday use.
– there is actually none for me, not at the price I bought it.
The delivery itself was ok. The package was delivered after exactly one week (probably because of BlackFriday and CyberWeek). The packaging was untouched, no scratches, no dents, unopened. The ultrabook itself was flawless, not a single flaw to be seen.
In summary: For me the perfect device for the price around 899! I would buy the Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ again at any time and recommend it to everyone if it is what I got. As I said, the fan can be criticized, it doesn’t bother me. My fridge is louder when it cools down and it\’s not loud. Processor and RAM in combination with the graphics card and the SSD are TOP for me in terms of fluid work! The ultrabook was bought from my wife\’s account, but I\’m writing the recession here.

Download Asus Zenbook UX3430UQ Drivers here:

Windows Drivers: Only for Windows 10 64-bit
. VGA:
Version V22.20.16.4836.04 – 2018/02/05:281.21 MBytes – Intel Graphics Driver – DOWNLOAD
Version V23.21.13.8816 – 2017/12/27:593.69 MBytes – nVidia Graphics Driver – DOWNLOAD
Version V22.21.13.8284 – 2017/08/25:578.58 MBytes – nVidia Graphics Driver – DOWNLOAD
Version V21.20.16.4627.02 – 2017/04/27:251.37 MBytes – Intel Graphics Driver – DOWNLOAD
Version 304 – 2018/03/09 – 4.42 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
Version 303 – 2018/01/12 – 4.42 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
Version V6.0.1.8248 – 2017/11/17 – 109.78 MBytes – Realtek Audio Driver – DOWNLOAD
Version V6.0.1.7997- 2017/02/13 – 236.07 MBytes – Realtek Audio Driver – DOWNLOAD
. LAN:
Version V10.10.713.2016 – 2016/12/29- 9.1 MBytes – Realtek LAN Driver – DOWNLOAD
. Card Reader:
Version V20.23.401.14519 – 2016/08/16 – 16.63 MBytes – Alcor Multi-Card – DOWNLOAD
. TouchPad:
Version V11.0.14 – 2016/11/242.73 MBytes – ASUS Precision Touchpad – DOWNLOAD
. Others:
-Intel Management Engine Interface
Version V11.7.0.1052 – 2018/02/05 – 72.71 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
-Intel Serial IO controller driver
Version V30.100.1725.1 – 2017/08/29 – 3.02 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
-Synaptics Fingerprint Driver
Version V1.5.7.1 – 2016/12/22 – 9.38 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
To support biometric authentication application of Windwos 10 – \”Windows Hello\” fingerprint utility .
-Intel Management Engine Interface
Version V11.6.0.1036 – 2016/12/01 – 74.6 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
-Intel(R) Serial IO GPIO Driver
Version V30.100.1633.3 – 2016/11/10 – 2.61 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
-Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver
Version V15.2.0.1020 – 2016/10/26 – 1.35 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
-Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Driver


Version V8.2.11000.2996 – 2016/09/07 – 14.08 MBytes – DOWNLOAD
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