UtechSmart Venus Pro Drivers - Windows Gaming Mouse Software

UtechSmart Venus Pro Drivers – Windows Gaming Mouse Software

Download driver/software and instruction manual PDF for UtechSmart Venus Pro RGB Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse, 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor, 2.4 GHz Transmission Technology, Ergonomic Design, 16M Chroma RGB Lighting, 16 programmable Buttons, Up to 70 Hours. I bought this UtechSmart Venus Pro gaming mouse because my son, who, like all young people, plays very often, was no longer satisfied with his old “normal” mouse. He is enthusiastic about this mouse. Since he has had it, he has only played with it.


UtechSmart Venus Pro Drivers & Review

In addition, it is also illuminated and the luminous color can be freely programmed, he has chosen red to match his keyboard. He is also enthusiastic about the 18 buttons on the side that he programmed with various assignments for his game (unfortunately the German special letters cannot be programmed as was already mentioned in other reviews).

The dpi resolution can also be adjusted very easily using two buttons in front of the mouse wheel. Even the mouse wheel has the usual function of scrolling and can also be used as a third button. The whole thing is rounded off by weights that can be screwed into a round recess under the mouse. This allows you to adjust the gliding feeling of the mouse, you can then feel that you have something in your hand. Usually only much more expensive mice have that! Conclusion: He doesn’t want to miss this mouse anymore and he is absolutely thrilled with it!

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I didn’t want to spend almost 3 times the price for a gaming mouse again. Whether that was really the right decision remains to be seen. In my opinion, the side buttons are not too easy to press, maybe over time that they are not so clumsy. Assigning side buttons for WoW is actually very easy. So if you choose a cheap mouse like me, you should just try it out. Also feels great in the hand, as the weight can be selected individually.

The UtechSmart Venus Pro mouse is very handy and, thanks to the somewhat “rough” surface, is very comfortable to hold. The LED lighting is also very nice to look at and the colors can also be changed. A great gaming mouse for the price.

A perfect gaming mouse. Very precise and fast response speed. Adjustable body weight for your need is a great option. The matte surface and the touch feels premium. It has like enough number of buttons for each game as it has 19 buttons in total that can be configured using the app that is provided in the CD that you get in the box. Several profiles can be saved, which can be changed accordingly with a button under the mouse. The supplied RGB lighting is also good and no compromises on the part of the manufacturer. No problems, no disadvantages found. It feels like a premium gaming mouse and is recommended for anyone looking for one.

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UtechSmart Venus Pro Software Download Gaming Mouse Drivers

I had ordered this mouse with not too high expectations, after all, it was something for 30 €. When she arrived I was just surprised. It lies so incredibly well in the hand and the hand cannot slip because the mouse has a good grip with its material. It feels very valuable. In addition, you can change the weight by taking out small weights and placing them in a small box supplied with them. Keys and RGB lighting can be assigned as you like in the program. For the price so far the best mouse on the market, I don’t want another!

After my last mouse died I was looking for a new one. Since I play role-playing games on the PC, I made sure that the mouse has buttons on the side. I am very happy with the performance of the mouse. The weight of the UtechSmart Venus Pro mouse can be changed as required. You can change the DPI directly on the mouse. There are 4 different DPI settings that you can set yourself. 12 side buttons that can be turned too easily or too difficult to press. And last but not least, it is very quiet! What more could a gamer want!

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The UtechSmart Venus Pro mouse itself is wonderful, doesn’t feel cheap actually feels nice to touch, buttons are easily accessible (i just need to get used to them lol) and the wire is a string type cord.

The RGB function is pretty and cool however the software to tweak the mouse isnt available to download on the website as the link is dead however the cd works (its a small disk but it’ll fit into a regular drive) so if you do have a cd drive your OK (i didnt and had to transfer it onto usb) but once you get the software you can program the buttons easily and set up a few profiles for different games.

I bought to replace the Logitech G600 mouse that broke after many years of use. I wasn’t expecting much from this mouse for the price but I was very pleasantly surprise. The mouse came with a software cd which wasn’t any use to me since my pc doesn’t have a dvd drive in it. I had to do some searching online to find suitable (from a different manufacturer) software that would work with this mouse as I couldn’t find anywhere to download the oem software.


Download UtechSmart Venus Pro Drivers & Manual PDF:


  • UtechSmart Venus Pro Instruction Manual PDF – DOWNLOAD
  • UtechSmart Venus Pro Driver Mouse – DOWNLOAD