SteelSeries Apex 3 Driver Gaming Keyboard Software

SteelSeries Apex 3 Driver Gaming Keyboard Software

Driver and software for SteelSeries Apex 3 Gaming Keyboard. Aye! I ordered the Apex 3 and the Apex 7 with brown switches, tested both for an evening and now decided that I will keep the Apex 3. There are two features that the Apex 7 has to offer:

SteelSeries Apex 3 Driver & Review

  • 1. The OLED display. That was a great gimmick but not well thought out because 1/3 of the display was covered by the NUM block.
  • 2. The fine RGB setting of the Apex 7 was really awesome. With this one could assign a very own color to each individual key. I don’t like this modern fairground lighting at all, but a subtle, simple and individual lighting, I like it a lot.

Now to the Apex 3:

The missing display and the clearly limited RGB variant cost the keyboard one star. I was wondering if it was fair to subtract a star for comparison. In this case, however, I think it is justifiable.

The Apex 3 does a lot of things very right: anti-ghosting, cable routing, good pressure point, good tactile feedback, nice median wheel and media button, good software, comfortable magnetic wrist rest, no annoying clicking noise and the perfect key spacing.

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That’s all great. But I don’t understand the decision to restrict the RGB variation so much. You probably want to apply passive pressure to buy the Apex 5 or 7. From my point of view, this is nonsense, as many people use these keyboards just because of these overrated mechanical switches. I almost bought a completely different keyboard and SteelSeries didn’t earn a single euro on me.

The volume control wheel, I think, only does that. It does, however, good. The media key also seems to be only for [play], [pause], [next] and [previous], which is sufficient for me and has been solved well, since you don’t have 3 extra buttons for it.

There should also be a version without a numpad for the Apex 3. Again wasted potential. All in all, it is actually a very good keyboard with a clear and pleasant pressure point. Anyone who speaks of “spongy” in the reviews has fallen victim to the hype about mechanical keyboards. Absolutely nothing is spongy here. It will only do so if one is anxious to find a justification to spend 175 on a keyboard. For 70 euros you can’t go wrong here. However, I would have preferred to have paid 100 euros for a variant with full RGB scope than 70 euros without this feature.

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SteelSeries Apex 3 Software

I checked out countless videos and test pages on certain gaming keyboards and ultimately decided on this one. I wanted to spend little and the best I could find and in this case that is this keyboard. Very good quality, quiet operation, pleasant writing experience, optics are great, thanks to the Steelseries Engine you can fine-tune the colors as you wish. I now have a headset, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad from Steelseries. I am enthusiastic and convinced of the products.

I’m incredibly happy, had a Logitech G15 before and had two expensive mechanical keyboards sent to me … which was a failure, even though the “quiet switches” were installed. For me personally just way too loud.

Then the search for the “best non-mechanical” keyboard began. Not at all easy to find something valuable, with extra bells and whistles, in this segment among all the very cheap / inexpensive.

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Razer was still in the running for a short time, but there is forced software with registration included, so I was out. This keyboard is great, nicely lit and also pleasantly quiet. I would have liked to have spent a little more money on the display and even more lighting, but that’s fine.

Hello, I’ve been using the keyboard for a few days now and I’m super satisfied. The keyboard is dust and splash proof. The keys are super quiet and have a great pressure point. The lighting has strong colors and can be adjusted using software. The processing is very solid without any rattling or the like … Clear purchase recommendation on my part!

Great part, the keys feel good and are also quiet. With the software you can set the colors very individually. The magnetic clip-on wrist rest is very valuable. The price may seem high for a non-mechanical keyboard, but I don’t regret buying it. Highly recommended keyboard.

Download SteelSeries Apex 3 Driver:

Apex 3 Driver for MAC – DOWNLOAD
Apex 3 Driver for WINDOWS – DOWNLOAD