Sharkoon Light² 200 Software Download

Sharkoon Light² 200 Driver, Software and Manual Guide

Download software, driver and manual guide PDF for Sharkoon Light² 200 Gaming Mouse. I am absolutely thrilled with the hardware and weight of the light² 200. Of course, it takes some getting used to its “cheese look”, which can be changed (cover included in delivery + point Shakoon!). What is really perfect is the ergonomics. The buttons are really well arranged and give excellent feedback thanks to their Omron switches (left and right mouse button). The Light² 200 is something of prinzisse and precisely thanks to its lightness simply divine! My cone is therefore taken out of service (too heavy and not as accurate as the Light² 200).

Sharkoon Light 2 200 Driver & Review

My test result is therefore clear: You can’t do more than that with absolutely enthusiasm.

Sharkoon Light² 200 Pro:

  • + Weight
  • + Ergonomics (palm)
  • + Omron switches right / left mouse button (feedback mega good)
  • + Cover and DPI switch exchangeable
  • + Very bright RGB with logo inside * only visible in cheese optics
  • + Ultra-flexible cable simply Dickman Perfect!
  • + Slippery like on ice (PTFE right NICE)

Sharkoon Light² 200 Cons:

  • – DPI switching is indicated by the RGB lighting, which leads to uncertainty.

Sharkoon Light² 200 +/- software would actually be great, only quite exhausting when creating macros. The Shakoon Light² 200 is a superlative gaming mouse for gamers. There is no question about its appearance that I have to get used to. But what defines it is the hardware that is inside. None of them bring what Shakoon currently includes with the Light² 200 in the “hardware” price-performance segment.

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The gaming mouse is all in all very good (good sensor, good switches etc) I only have one shortcoming. The mouse is preprogrammed for the right mouse button + thumb button in front to change the lighting. It’s really annoying when you press these buttons while gaming. (is often the case with me). I hereby appeal to the Sharkoon team to find an appropriate software solution for this would be very good.

I have had the mouse in my possession for a few days now and can only say that it is a real successor to my beloved Razer Mamba 2012. I’ll definitely keep my Razer just in case, in case something breaks or something. As a reminder, in 2012 my mouse cost just under € 139.00, which was definitely worth it after 8 years. Never had any failures, had to clean it and buy another battery, but that is quality as I imagine it to be in the price segment mentioned.

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Sharkoon Light 2 200 Software Download

Now for the Sharkoon. Unpacked, oh, that’s no weight at all. I have large hands, so size 10 gloves. The mouse is very well designed for large hands. I won’t install the software, the mouse is also so good, I don’t need any RGB – Kiddy, blink, blink.

For me, gaming is in the foreground. Tried before, Corsair M65 Elite, the biggest crap on earth! After what felt like 200 hours of game over in the click area, a joke when you consider what Counterstrike and Battlefield veteran clicks in one week.

The mouse was recommended to me by a friend, so I just ordered it. I always had very heavy mice and was actually always happy with them, but the mouse made me curious. It arrived after a day and definitely looks good. When I had it in my hand for the first time, I just thought to myself how can it be so light, is like a sheet of paper in the first moment. Due to this low weight, however, you can set your mouse speed very low because you can move the mouse so smoothly. I have had clearly positive experiences with it in the gaming sector. Definitely a recommendation from me.

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After I unpacked it, I was positively surprised by the very good accessory replacement pads, closed top, if you don’t like the honeycomb structure, you can change them, and you can change different DPI buttons – color-coded. The mouse is immediately ready to use after connection, but to use full performance it is recommended to download software from Sharkoon, only now you can set everything, whether dpi levels, or light effects and everything else.

All in one well-designed software for mouse settings I play CSGO, BF5, COD, and I have to say that with this mouse it’s only now fun to play. I’ve had a lot of mice, and it’s one of the best in gaming when it comes to precision and handling, fits really well into small and medium-sized hands, no dropouts or whatever, the only criticism from me is that the surface of the mouse could have better adhesive material, but that’s all. I can recommend the Sharkoon mouse with a clear conscience.

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