Redragon M808 Driver Download

Redragon M808 Driver Download

Download driver for Redragon M808 Storm Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse, 85 g Ultralight Honeycomb Design – 12,400 DPI Optical Sensor – 7 Programmable Buttons – Precise Registration – Super Light Cable. Thanks to Redragon M808 ergonomic shape, it fits even medium-sized female hands. Due to the additional weights, it can of course be individually adapted. The buttons on the side are quite easy to reach. After years of use, I have to say that you shouldn’t have all weights in your mouse all the time, because after long gaming sessions your hand becomes heavy and you feel exhaustion. The clicking behavior decreases, of course, but is not as bad as with other cheap or mid-range mice that can be thrown away after a year.


Redragon M808 Drivers & Short Review

If you don’t throw your mouse around, you can endure a slap on the table. And if you don’t want to spend € 60 + on a mouse and are a little lazy to buy, you can enjoy the mouse for a long time.

I think Redragon M808 is a good that it is still being offered and I’m only writing this recession because I’m thinking of buying a new one. but must state that the M808 is still working very well. First of all, I was skeptical. I thought about investing in an expensive mouse, but then I read the great reviews of gaming mouse everywhere and was won over by ReDragon.

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I’ve looked at gaming mice from Razer, Logitech or Roccat and still keep them. The Redragon M808 mouse is top current and is really great for the price. The mouse is great in the hand. After initial tests, I have now removed a few weights so that the handling works perfectly. And that’s what a Logitech MX518 fan says!

The mouse looks and feels valuable. Period. The buttons are almost all easily accessible. Only the M4 button is a challenge for me. All other keys are incredibly easy to reach. I particularly like the feedback from the buttons and the pressure point. I tested the Razer Trinity at the same time. What a difference where the ReDragon clearly wins.

If you have a big hand and like to have heavier mice, this is the right place for you. The Redragon M808 mouse is great in the hand and thanks to the weight you can control it very precisely. I had a cheaper mouse before and since I switched, I also found it easier to play with a higher DPI because the mouse is also super easy and super precise to make small movements.

I ordered the mouse over 3 months ago. It took a relatively long time to arrive, despite Prime Shipping, but 4 days are not the world. Until recently, I only had a laptop that you couldn’t even mess around with on the Internet at an acceptable speed, plus an old wireless mouse. So I finally treated myself to my first gaming PC, which I put together myself. The Redragon M808 mouse should not cost more than 40 € or a maximum of 50 €. I bought my old one in the sale for 10 € + used it for 5 years, so I don’t have to buy one over 40 € straight away. The money is better invested elsewhere.

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Redragon M808 Driver Mouse

Redragon M808 was perfectly within my budget and it is worth every euro! The many buttons on the side are extremely practical. The Redragon M808 software for this is compatible with many games. Until now I only played Dead by Daylight intensively and a little bioshock. (I leave Shooter at rest) With Dbd only the rearmost key is not supported. The gesture control fits in really well.

The installation of the Redragon M808 drivers and the software for programming the buttons and setting the color went smoothly. The program is very clear, it does not take much effort, for example, to set that you click a tab backwards or open a new one or let an open window wander from screen to screen (quite handy if you have 3 screens like me, but sometimes two and the new window opens somewhere in the blackness.)

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The workmanship is solid and good, it still looks like new to me. The grip feel definitely different from other mice. I can still remember that I was extremely excited when I used the mouse for the first time. It is pleasantly heavy, I feel the extra weight now a lot when I use another mouse at school / with friends. The thumb can easily reach all of the side buttons, although I’ve got used to using the ball of the thumb (please google if you don’t know what the ball of the thumb is, Knowledge gap, everyone has two of them!) To use the rearmost button to press. There were reserve stickers there, I just remembered. Pretty good too!

A really good mouse with an absolutely reasonable price-performance ratio! I can only recommend them! The Redragon M808 mouse is well suited for gaming and sits comfortably in the hand. It is also visually appealing. In addition, it looks well made and you really can’t complain for the price. I think it’s a bit of a shame that the color depends on the sampling rate. On the other hand, of course, it helps because you can immediately see what level you are at. So far I am completely satisfied, but cannot say too much about the durability.


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