Rapoo MT350 Driver – Windows Drivers & Manual

Rapoo MT350 Driver – Windows Drivers & Manual

Download driver, software and manul guide PDF for Rapoo MT350 Bluetooth Wireless Mouse. The Rapoo laser mouse makes a very good visual impression and lies very well in the hand with its velvety surface and ergonomic shape. The arrow control is also very precise. The pressure point of the mouse buttons is pleasantly light, although the click of the micro switches should be a bit quieter, but that doesn’t bother me.

Rapoo MT350 Driver & Review

I give the star print for the scroll wheel of the Rapoo MT350. Firstly, the axial play is too big in my opinion, and secondly, it fills up with friction when you turn the scroll wheel, which is not annoying or negative during use. But I think it can be done better. The connection with my laptop via Bluetooth also worked without any problems. All in all, I think the Rapoo mouse is a top product and I would buy it again at any time.

I bought a copy of this mouse from a local dealer a while ago. Needed this for my laptop at home. Since I am also mobile, the mouse should feel the following criteria.

  1. – Small and handy
  2. – Long battery life
  3. – Bluetooth-compatible (this one also has a hidden radio adapter if there is no Bluetooth on a computer)
  4. – Stylish design
  5. – High-quality and stable
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I was initially skeptical about this mouse, as I have only used mice of other names ( unfortunately also overpriced) manufacturer used. To my surprise, however, this little device convinced me very much. So much so that I have now bought a second one for myself at work. So I use it for:

  1. – Home office
  2. – At work for a full 8 hour day without symptoms of fatigue (ergonomically great, although large men’s paws)
  3. – In private also for smaller PC games (I save myself measurements of latency times, etc., I don’t need that)

The first Rapoo MT350 I bought has been around since approx. 6 months with the supplied batteries. There are also no signs of wear and tear on the material or on the buttons. Only the rotary wheel wobbles a little to the left and right. But that doesn’t bother me. With the DPI button you can also set 3 speeds (who needs that). So go ahead and buy. Just as good, or better, as other manufacturers who want more money for such a small thing.

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Rapoo MT350 Software Download

The reason for buying it was that I can use one mouse with two laptops. Of course not at the same time, that doesn’t work. The mouse has a button on the underside. this allows you to switch the connections (Bluetooth 1, Bluetooth 2 and connection via a small plug). That works very well. It is a bit annoying that after a while (about one minute) you have to “wake up” the mouse by moving it. But that also saves the battery because I always forget to turn off the mouse.

The DPI switch is on top of the mouse. You often come across it accidentally, so that the “speed” of the mouse pointer changes. That’s a little annoying. I find the volume level when typing normal and not at all annoying. The mouse is relatively small, but ideal for me.

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The mouse is very small and handy, the clicking noise is not excessively loud, but could be quieter. The back and forth buttons and the DPI button are a bit wobbly, but work reliably. I only tried the Bluetooth connection with the USB receiver, but it works very well. Scrolling upwards always elicits a small crack from the scroll wheel (but very quietly, no idea what exactly that is). The Rapoo MT350 is very flat, so I had to get used to it. But after two days of use I was already used to it and am now completely satisfied.

Download Rapoo MT350 Driver for WINDOWS & MAC:

Rapoo MT350 Manual CLICK HERE
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