KLIM Skill Drivers, Software, Manual Gaming Mouse

KLIM Skill Drivers, Software, Manual Gaming Mouse

Download Driver & Manual for KLIM Skill High Precision Gaming Mouse USB – New – Adjustable DPI – Programmable Buttons – Comfortable Grip for All Hand Types – Excellent Grip for serious Gamer. As usual good KLIM quality. The pointer speed ​​button is my new favorite feature! For office work, 1st person games (screen swivel speed) or image processing in the pixel area, always the right mouse speed and you can add more via the software and configure everything else. I’m excited! The number of keys is totally sufficient for me as a Sunday gamer.


KLIM Skill Drivers & Review

They connect super. The shape and feel is basic, so great. She fell off the kitchen table a couple of times, nothing going on. Personally, I’ve been a fan of the small Logitech M187 for years, but this one is a brick. But it’s just not available for gaming. So the KLIM Skill mouse convinced me. Visually (for me) very appealing without unnecessary frills.

The mouse works precisely and is good for gaming. The programmable buttons are also well positioned. The “battery life” depends heavily on the battery used, but I still use the same battery supplied even if I don’t switch off the mouse after each use. I bought the mouse for work, so I don’t really use it for gaming.

But it is in use 5 days a week for 8 hours and now I had to change the batteries once in 7 months. So the runtime is very good. The KLIM Skill mouse is also comfortable to hold, although I prefer a larger one for gaming on the PC. But it’s great for me to work with because it’s so light. All keys have a good pressure point. So if you are looking for a rather small mouse that is light and with which the batteries last a very long time, this is the right place for you.

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The KLIM Skill mouse is a good all-rounder. It is ideal for people who want a smaller mouse, but not too small (ideal for people for whom the G203 was a bit too small). As already mentioned, the mouse clicks and the mouse wheel are a little louder than other mice.

The battery life is very long, the first battery that came with the mouse lasted around 2 months, despite daily continuous use. I never had disconnections or anything like that with the mouse. The wireless adapter also contains a kind of “extension cable” with which the adapter can be placed closer to the mouse. The mouse has 4 different levels (4 different colors) via the DPI button, which can be set individually in the KLIM software. The mouse can be switched off on the underside.

The only drawbacks: the KLIM Skill mouse quickly shows double clicks, but not regular ones. The mouse “scratches” the mouse pad a little at first, but this disappears with use.

I actually want to write a lot, but I also want to be brief. To me esport gamers and take games seriously. Accordingly, I want a good product. The mouse came to a bit of Aim Lab done, immediately dismantled, opponents call you Hacker. Sounds like a cheap advertisement, but really the mouse is really awesome, lies well in the hand, I have larger hands with a claw or fingertip grip perfect, palm is maybe not that awesome.

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What I don’t find so cool is the accessibility of the side buttons, which I found nicer on my Roccat because the buttons were bigger, maybe that’s just getting used to. Well, back to the heart of the sensor, it’s just awesome. I just can’t describe it any other way, it’s like walking around without boxers just liberating!


KLIM Skill Gaming Mouse Driver Download

You get a lot for your money here. In my opinion, it cannot keep up with a € 80 mouse, nor does the workmanship play a role in this price category by far. But if you are looking for a passable office or gaming mouse for on the go or just looking for a wireless version, you are well served. The storage compartment under the cover of the palm rest is also well chosen.

Weight and size fit my hand perfectly. It’s important to me to have a good sensor and at the same time I didn’t want a mouse with RGB lighting that would artificially raise the price. I am having always had good experiences with KLIM in the past, I was not disappointed this time either. The configuration via KLIM Skill software, which I need for my other Klim products, is practical. So everything in one software tool.

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Overall I am completely satisfied with the KLIM Skill mouse and its workmanship. The driver for the settings could have been made a little clearer and easier. You should plan in 30 minutes until you get to grips with the settings if you, like me, did not grow up as a gamer. I got it for online chess, but it is much better than the standard mouse I had before. Mouse-slips are now more or less a thing of the past.

If a mouse is no longer noticeable on the first day, everything went right. I’m also excited about the KLIM Skill Software! My medium-sized hands can also cope with a light palm grip here. Bigger would be a little better. Clicking noise: normal. It will replace my slightly smaller Corsair Harpoon (which I really liked), where I unfortunately had too many problems with the ICUE software. Another advantage: I won’t have to recharge a battery every week.

In the beginning I got the mouse for my notebook as a second mouse so that I don’t always have to unplug the mouse from my desktop. I recently lent my standard mouse and only played with the KLIM. I am very surprised. Although the KLIM has a worse sensor, my gaming performance (mainly R6S) is on the same level and AimLab is also possible without any problems.


Download KLIM Skill Mouse Driver:

  • KLIM Skill User Manual PDF – DOWNLOAD
  • KLIM Skill Drivers WIN 10/8/7/XP – DOWNLOAD