KLIM Dash TKL Drivers, Manual AZERTY Keyboard

KLIM Dash TKL Drivers, Manual AZERTY Keyboard

Download Driver and User Manual for KLIM Dash TKL – Mechanical keyboard with red switches for professional users and gamers – AZERTY – Compact TKL keyboard without numeric keypad + RGB colors and durable metal frame.  First of all, I must indicate that I bought this keyboard for my telecommuting. I don’t gamble at all, and I’m not looking for the same features as a gamer.

KLIM Dash TKL Driver & Download + Review

I have been using it every day for more than two months (teleworking requires). I share here my opinion for this type of use. In short, this keyboard gives me complete satisfaction. It is smaller than a regular keyboard because it does not have a numeric keypad. Since I’m not an accountant, I don’t have to type numbers all over the place. In addition, I know the layout of the keys well since I type as a typist.

This is an important point to note because the fact that the secondary signs present at the bottom of some keys are not backlit doesn’t bother me either. Especially since it is especially interesting when it is dark.

The fact that KLIM Dash TKL is smaller than a traditional keyboard gives me more space on my desk and allows me to bring the mouse a little closer to the keyboard. I gain in ease of use. The size of the keys and the space between them are not reduced and are quite consistent with natural and fluid typing.

Its robustness is felt, and as often with “gamer” keyboards, it is expected to last since the switches are designed to hold several tens of thousands of keystrokes (a priori). In any case, keep in mind that this type of keyboard is much more resistant than a membrane keyboard as we do a lot for office automation.

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I, who did not see the point of the backlight, I must say that I am quite satisfied with it, because I happen to finish a little late, and at the moment it is often quite dark and night falls quickly. It allows me to wait until it gets really dark before turning on the light. Although they are plastic, the keys are very pleasant to the fingers with a slight effect of soft peach skin.

For the typist, they thought of the finger placement marks at the bottom of the F and J keys. Another interesting point for typing, the low-profile red switches suit me perfectly. The race is short and without point of resistance, but everyone will enjoy according to their preferences.

As far as noise is concerned, I can’t compare to other “gamer” keyboards because I don’t have one. But it doesn’t sound much louder to me than a regular membrane keyboard, and I guess that’s a good point. In any case, I cannot say that the sound of the keys bothers me.

I found it smart enough to make the cable can be disconnected from the keyboard side. As it is a fairly small keyboard, some might need to carry it around, and after a while, by winding the cable around the keyboard, the wire can deteriorate because it is twisted regularly near its connection to the keyboard. keyboard. Here, it will suffice to disconnect the cable entirely.

Last thing, I find it quite beautiful with its silver rim. In conclusion, I am fully satisfied and I give it 5 out of 5. It is a very good product, designed to last, guaranteed for 10 years, which leaves room on the desk, and which offers good typing comfort.

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KLIM Dash TKL Keyboard Driver

I wanted to go back to mechanics, but I didn’t want something noisy. I discovered this product by chance, and I am more than delighted. Quiet, practical (tkl) I feel like I’m typing in butter when I do word processing. Far from the exorbitant prices of the competition, it is nevertheless super class, the finish is very good. Only problem, the backlight a bit badly managed, but it is more than enough for me. For tkl version drivers, be sure to contact support (full version drivers are not compatible).

As an IT professional, and an amateur geek, I spend long hours in front of my computers. I have used dozens of different keyboards, and I’m very picky about it: I like standard-size keyboards, with short, light and responsive keys, for developing and writing quickly, with a minimum of false keystrokes.

After several months on a Ducky Channel One 2 SF (Brown switches), I started looking for a new keyboard again because I found the key strokes too long for my little fingers, and that caused a lot of typos. In addition, the 65% format requires many Fn + Ctrl + combinations and significantly slows down the work on certain software (Blender for example).

I am completely convinced by this Klim Dash TKL: the Low-Profile switches offer a short stroke, and a fast strike, while benefiting from the feel and the touch of the mechanical switches. The absence of “click” of the red switches does not pose a problem for me, because the “natural” stop of the keys arrives quite early, and that the feeling and the sound are very pleasant (a small shlock subtly muffled).

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I like the compactness / use compromise offered by the TKL format: I do without the numeric keypad more easily than the Fn and start / end keys.
Finally, I must say that the workmanship is excellent: the keyboard is heavy and stable, and I feel it durable.

I’m no fan of RGB fireworks in general, and it’s very easy to find a sober setting on this model. Contrary to what I have read elsewhere, it is possible to remove the keys to clean it (but I do not know if the Low-Profile switches are as robust as the classics on this point. I tried on a key, but I will venture to disassemble everything only when necessary).

Only downside, and it is relatively minor considering the excellent quality / price ratio of this keyboard: the ABS plastic of the keys immediately takes fingerprints. Although their particularly soft touch is very pleasant, I would have opted for a PBT version if it had existed (notice to our friends at Klim).

In short, overall, I am very, very satisfied with this product, and I wanted to let it be known through this comment (something that happens to me relatively rarely). A great achievement, at a reasonable price, which makes this KLIM Dash TKL a rare pearl, in my opinion and for my use, thank you!


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