HK Gaming Mizar MZ60 Drivers - Gaming Keyboard Software

HK Gaming Mizar MZ60 Drivers – Gaming Keyboard Software

Download driver/software for Mizar MZ60 Luna Hot-Swap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 62 Keys with Multicoloured RGB LED Backlight for Windows PC and Mac OS. I’ve had quite a few mechanical keyboards now and this one is by far the best. The Gateron Red switches are in no way inferior to the CherryMX switches. Super robust despite the plastic housing.

Mizar MZ60 Driver Download & Review

The colors of the buttons can be selected individually, so that every RGB fan gets their money’s worth. Because it is a hot-swap keyboard, the switches can be exchanged. Highly recommended and the price-performance ratio is unbeatable, as you can’t even come close to finding something comparable for this price.

The Mizar MZ60 driver software is clear and easy to use. The only drawback is that you can only press the ESC key in combination with the FN key, but this only seems to be the case with ISO layout. My expectations were exceeded. The problem with the ESC key can be corrected within seconds with software (e.g. sharpkeys).

It can be easily adjusted via software (download and install the Hk Gaming page, just don’t update and everything works great). The macros with the Esc and the arrow keys is super easy, I don’t know what other people’s problems are. Curious how long it will last.

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The Mizar MZ60 keyboard is a 10/10 that simply fulfills everything you would expect from a keyboard that is 60% so I can only miss it. Very robustly built for the price, the feeling is nice, the only thing that bothers me a little, the keys don’t feel very high quality, it doesn’t bother in the least, it’s just a small detail that you can easily put together yourself. Quality is great, keys are a bit cheap, but you can easily put new keys on, so it doesn’t bother in the least, absolutely top model for the price!

That’s nice and good and send it quickly. I am satisfied and will order again. I will also apply for friends for you. So smooth it is sick how good it is not just about the switches the processing itself is very very good I can only recommend the optical yellow switches I bought the keyboard with optical blue switches and it sounds very nice. The keyboard is very well made and I like it very much. The RGB lighting is very successful.


Mizar MZ60 Software Download – Gaming Keyboard Software

After I installed the software at Mizar, I was offered a firmware update. The software crashed and the keyboard turned off. Then the lighting mode “Custom Mode” no longer works (individual keyboard lighting). I found the solution to the problem at reddit.

  • 1. Download and install the software not via Mizar, but via hk-gaming.
  • 2. Run “bootloader.exe” one after the other under C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Mizar Lab \ 00F1, 00F2, 00F3 \ Update. Often an error message appears stating that the keyboard cannot be found. At C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Mizar Lab \ 00F2 \ Update \ 00F2 the update worked for me. Takes about 15s. Finally the lighting mode “Custom Mode” works again. The ESC key can be written directly via a macro.
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Mizar MZ60 is the first 60% keyboard and therefore one that will hopefully stay longer works really well, the only thing that is a bit strange is that whenever I open the software I get a notification that says if I want to do an update when I press confirm it works my keyboard no longer until I unplug it and plug it in again. But in itself this is the best keyboard I’ve ever had 👍🏼😌

The Mizar MZ60 keyboard is very, very good and handy if you switch from a 100 percent keyboard to a 60 percent keyboard, you think it gets a bit strange, but no, I can guarantee that this keyboard is awesome, there are a lot of color options, etc. I have it with me the red switches and they also feel very smooth so I’m really very peaceful and the price-performance ratio is great.

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Up to now super processed and more robust than the Ducky one 2 mini. I can only recommend it. However, the Esc key can only be used with the Fn key. I can definitely keep up with a Razer Huntsman Mini, great workmanship and lighting effects even without software, but with the software you can even set macros, which can be useful!

I am extremely satisfied with the keyboard, it does not squeak and has no flaws. The lighting is also great. But what bothers me is that with the esc key, to press it you have to press the FN key, but that’s getting used to. Just what I expected great for the price amazing feel with the yellow mechanical switches and amazing lighting effects. I am pleased with it, small light and does exactly what it says.


Download Mizar MZ60 Keyboard Software / Drivers:

  • HK Gaming Mizar MZ60 Software – DOWNLOAD Update March 8th 2021