AOC C24G2AE Drivers, Software & Manual

AOC C24G2AE Drivers, Software & Manual

Download software, drivers and manual for AOC Gaming C24G2AE – 24 Inches FHD Curved Monitor, 165 Hz, 1ms, FreeSync Premium (1920×1080, HDMI, DisplayPort). What a theater it was with me and the screens. I play almost exclusively space games, i.e. a continuous black and a uniform panel without backlight bleeding was one of the most important criteria for me next to 144hz and and WQHD.

AOC C24G2AE Driver & Review

I’ve tried high and medium-priced products. The highly touted Asus PG279QE, the LG 27GL850-B recommended by Amazon and the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27WQ because of the VA panel, which is supposed to be BLB-free.

ASUS PG279QE: The illumination was a disaster, the IPS glow (which is normal) was so strong that it spoiled all fun for me. To top it off, it also had a pixel error.

LG 27GL850-B: A terribly shaky stand, generally cheap and unstable through and through, so that every tap on the keyboard made the screen vibrate. The panel was fine, but the colors were kind of artificial, not particularly good for an IPS panel. It also had BLB and IPS glow, but not as bad as the PG279QE. Unfortunately unusable due to the instability, a wall bracket is out of the question for me.

Well, I’ve read it again and you can see from some forums that VA panels are probably less prone to SU and deliver the better black. No sooner said than done, I ordered that

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ASUS TUF Gaming VG27WQ: The first time I turned it on, my heart pelted. I had never experienced such bad backlight bleeding before. Clouds spread over the upper and lower third of the panel. Dark content was completely impossible with it, apart from the poor color gradients and the red cast on the left half of the panel. What a cheek, what ASUS lets through the quality assurance! That probably has to do with the curvature.

In the end, after all the returns and disappointments, I started looking for a flat VA panel. I figured that maybe these would cause fewer problems in production. And that’s how I came up with the AOC C24G2AE.

After switching it on for the first time, I felt happy. Was that the possibility? Is it really true A perfectly illuminated panel, without glow, without SU, without clouding? Yes, it is true! This monitor is very inconspicuous, also in terms of price. It was the cheapest of all and offers an absolutely natural picture with perfect contrasts and that ex works! You don’t have to adjust anything and you can start immediately and enjoy.

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AOC C24G2AE Software Monitor

In my opinion, this screen is mercilessly superior to the more expensive competitors in terms of image quality and thus turns out to be a real insider tip. Every day I am amazed at the flawless panel and enjoy the endless expanses in SpaceEngine, No Man’s Sky and Elite Dangerous with the continuous blackness that these games deserve.

The AOC C24G2AE color rendering is unobtrusive, subtle and balanced without looking pale. Just as it has to be, thoroughly enjoyable. The screen also offers striking brightness and contrasts, if you so desire. Personally, I always turn the lighting down extremely, from 90 to 25. Completely sufficient and more pleasant for the eyes.

But ATTENTION! This AOC C24G2AE monitor is intended more for single players and connoisseurs, less for competitive multiplayer professionals, because a VA panel basically has one disadvantage: the slower response time and this cannot be tricked away by the technical gadgets. I didn’t notice ghosting directly, but I can imagine that you have a disadvantage in multiplayer from a certain skill level, where every millisecond counts.

A small point of criticism is perhaps the cumbersome menu navigation. The feel is really bad, you navigate with buttons that are too small and you have to get to where you want to go with the arrow keys. Again and again I have to look where I have to press. By the time I have arranged my fingers correctly, the menu is closed again. But well, that’s not a real negative point for me, because I don’t value that at all anyway. But it has to be mentioned.

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The C24G2AE monitor picture is otherwise as soft as butter when playing, just 144hz-like, as you already know and appreciate. What is left to say? I found the perfect monitor for myself, but it was a rocky road to get there. The quality deficiencies of expensive gaming screens are unacceptable to me and that doesn’t have to be if the customer basically doesn’t put up with it.

Conclusion: If you want a really good affordable panel, are bothered by backlight bleeding and value immersion, you should take this without any ifs or buts. I’ve never been so satisfied and happy with a monitor. Price-performance ratio is right here. No overpriced nodding dachshunds pushed through clever marketing. A clear recommendation bro!

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