Alienware 7.1 Driver & Software (AW510H)

Alienware 7.1 Driver – AW510H Gaming Headset

Download driver and software Alienware 7.1 AW510H Gaming Headset. With the AW510H, Alienware is bringing a convincing mid-range headset onto the market that leaves a decent overall impression for a purchase price of around 80 euros. The Alienware comes with a chic and high-quality design and, thanks to its lightweight construction and padded elements, is comfortable to wear for longer gaming sessions.

Alienware AW510H Drivers & Review

The sound quality is good for the purchase price and offers a surprisingly balanced sound image as well as precise details, so that it is also suitable for music playback. Due to the cable connection, however, you have to expect minimal noise. The microphone, on the other hand, is completely convincing, it transmits voices clearly and cleanly and can be hidden inconspicuously in the case when not in use. When it comes to connectivity, the AW510H is quite flexible.

The AW510H also relies on the new Alienware design that was introduced with the Area-51m. The headset is also available in two colors, white and black. The Alienware AW510H is a pretty “clean” and almost minimalist headset, which of course stands out from the crowd thanks to the Alienware logos.

The case consists almost entirely of a matt and pleasantly high-quality plastic. There is no classic height adjustment. You cannot take off the headband, but you can change the position of the ear cups on the headband. Amazingly, this works quite well and reliably prevents accidental adjustment of the height when putting on / taking off. The shape of the auricles, which are round with a flattened front, is also somewhat unusual. Amazingly, Alienware has done without an RGB LED ring, as is found on notebooks, desktops, etc.

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In general, the Alienware AW510H 7.1 gaming headset has no lighting! Of course, a headset is not absolutely necessary, but surprising with Alienware. The Alienware AW510H’s microphone is retractable. If you do not need this, you can simply slide it into the auricle and you have a regular headset. Class!

On the connector side, we only have a 3.5mm port. Two cables are included in the scope of delivery. One from 3.5mm to separate 3.5mm headphone and microphone plugs and a 3.5mm to USB cable. A sound card is of course built into the latter. Both cables also have a volume control and a slider to mute the headset.

The Alienware AW510H has a very thick “hybrid” padding. The outer padding is made of synthetic leather, while the inside is made of fabric. This means that the headset’s ventilation is quite good! The upholstery is also quite thick. Yes, the auricles could be a bit bigger, but apart from that I have nothing to complain about.

I would rate the comfort with a 2. I was able to wear the headset for several hours without any problems with an earache. The sound of the Alienware AW510H depends a lot on the way you connected it. If you use the 3.5mm connectors, the quality depends heavily on the quality of your sound card.

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Therefore, I used the USB sound card for large parts of the test, which consistently delivers the same quality. In general, I would like to be positively surprised by the sound of the Alienware AW510H! The headset sounds pleasantly balanced and “round”.

But let’s start at the beginning. The heights are okay so far. These are sufficiently clean and clear. The reproduction of details is also pleasantly good. However, in the upper heights I might have found a touch more brilliance not bad.

Alienware 7.1 Driver & Software (AW510H)

The lower heights and the mids are flawless so far. I would particularly like to emphasize the high level of detail reproduction on the part of the Alienware AW510H. I suspect this is not accidental. In music, voices appear very sharp and clearly contoured. In games hung, steps and shots are highlighted above average and can therefore also be better located.

I would only classify the spatiality of the headset (without virtual 7.1 sound) as average for a gaming headset, but the high level of detail more than compensates for this. The bass of the AW510H is good! This is pleasantly deep and full. The headset is not a bass bomber, but even with the best will in the world, it doesn’t sound flat or thin.

The headset sounds pleasantly round and well balanced in games as well as music. Nothing sounds wrong and the Alienware AW510H does not tend to have the “watering can sound” of many other gaming headsets.

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If you are not a pro gamer and want a good all-round headset, then the Alienware AW510H is just as suitable as for users who have somewhat more professional demands on their headset. Incidentally, the 7.1 sound is a pure software feature of the USB sound card. The algorithm used here is okay, but I prefer the normal stereo sound even more in games.

Let’s talk briefly about the microphone in the Alienware AW510H. Fortunately, this makes a good impression! This is very clear and clean, with a decent volume in the voice and little noise. No, this is not “caster quality”, but for a normal gaming headset the Alienware AW510H plays in the upper class when it comes to the microphone.

Are you in the Alienware ecosystem and looking for a good, if not a very good headset? Then the Alienware AW510H is fully recommended! The headset looks chic, is comfortable and, most importantly, sounds good. The AW510H is not only recommended for the pure gamers among you, the headset also sounds good with music. I would generally describe the sound as very round with good reproduction of details.

Download Alienware AW510H 7.1 Gaming Headset Windows 10:

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