Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge

Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge: Review of the Bluetooth docking station

The selection of audio docking stations is now almost impossible to keep track of at least for iPods and other iOS devices. However, if you have an Android device, you will hardly find an adapted solution apart perhaps from the Philips AS111 presented at the IFA.

Since many docking stations have a Bluetooth connection, it is at least theoretically possible to use androids with them. Soundfreaq was kind enough to provide us with an SFQ 02 Sound Step Recharge, with which we want to test how well this theoretical connection works in practice, of course we also subjected it to a detailed test.

Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Connection with Android

There are two ways of connecting Android devices and the SoundStep Recharge docking station, both of which are extremely simple.

Connection via bluetooth

It couldn’t be easier: just switch on the docking station, set it to Bluetooth and press “Pair”. Then activate the Bluetooth connection on the Android device and select “Connect with Sound Step Recharge” in the settings. Shortly afterwards, the connection should be established and nothing should stand in the way of enjoying music.

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Problems can only arise with some devices with CyanogenMod, since open source drivers are not available for all Bluetooth chips which is an absolute knockout criterion for the CM team. The Samsung Galaxy Sfrom Amir established the connection without any objection, while my LG Optimus Speed ​​with installed CM7 refused to work. With StockROM, however, the music transfer worked without any problems – here it is time to try it out.

Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Connection via cable

If there are problems with the Bluetooth connection, you can still take the wired route and connect the headset output of the Android device to the AUX input of the Sound Step Recharge using a jack-to-jack cable and then the AUX button to press. Finished.


Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Housing & Connections

The housing of the SoundfreaqSound Step Recharge is made of plastic, but still feels quite high quality. A small disadvantage, however, is the piano lacquer look, which seems to magically attract dust and fingerprints. There are two small stereo speakers on the front, which are supplemented by a subwoofer on the back. With the exception of the power button, the buttons are relatively small, round touch buttons that are not always easy to hit.

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On the connection side, in addition to the dock connection and the video out for iPhone, iPad and iPod, there is also a 3.5 mm AUX input, a connection for the power supply unit and a USB port, which can be used to charge an Android device, for example can, ready. We find this very practical as does the rubber cover for the dock connector, which offers space and support for smartphones.


Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Sound

It should be clear that one cannot expect high-end audiophile sound from such small speakers. Nevertheless, the Sound Step Recharge sounds surprisingly good – especially at lower volumes. At higher volumes, the good piece sometimes reaches its limits: Then it sounds a bit scratchy and overemphasized in the highs which cannot be compensated for by the otherwise good Soundfreaq UQ3 surround sound amplification. So you shouldn’t necessarily use the docking station to provide sound in a large living room; however, it is very suitable for small rooms such as kitchens or bedrooms.

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Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Conclusion

The Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge is fun. The sound is good, the connection to Android devices is very easy and the built-in battery also makes the docking station reasonably portable. The design is of course a matter of taste. I personally like the cubic appearance very much. There are certainly cheaper docking stations with a Bluetooth connection; But whether these sound similarly good and can establish the connection just as easily is an issue at this point.

Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Rating:

  1. Processing and feel: 4/5
  2. Sound: 4/5
  3. Mobility: 3/5
  4. Connectivity: 5/5
  5. Suitability for everyday use: 5/5
  6. Total 4.2

Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Pros:

  • Good sound
  • Very easy connection via bluetooth
  • Battery pack
  • USB port for charging devices

Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Cons:

  • Design is a matter of taste
  • Housing made of plastic

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