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Elgato Wave:1 Software for Windows

Elgato Wave:1 Microphone Software for Windows & Mac. If you are looking for a USB microphone with a lot of functionality and good acoustic quality, there are only a few high-end microphones to choose from. The Elgato Wave proves to be a rather expensive representative of its genre, but it also comes up with a special and therefore rare scope.

Elgato Wave:1 Driver & Review

In advance of the good hardware, you also get mixer software from Elgato. This is very promising because it is also integrated into Elgato’s software environment. So far I have been using a licensed version of Voicemeeter. If you take into account the functions that I can now also use in terms of software with the Wave, the price is justified. Of course, there will be future improvements as long as the product is sold sufficiently.

In addition, there are some quick control options directly on the microphone. The solution to the mute button works surprisingly well. Personally, I would not have expected him to be so reliable. Otherwise, the microphone works at a very good level and I classify it above a Siren X. It should also be noted that I have no personal comparison to Rode and Blue Yeti. Otherwise I’ve already had a lot of comparison to midrange microphones. I see a big advantage in the simplicity of a USB microphone.

So basically I am extremely satisfied with the microphone and the possibilities it offers. The range of accessories is also sufficient. I pre-ordered the microphone and have to say that the price is of course very high. I cannot currently imagine that it will have a better market price in the near future and that there will not be a successor model anytime soon.

I have ordered a wide variety of microphones for our company in order to be able to make comparisons. One of them is this one. The Elgato definitely stands out due to its design. It is supplied with a table stand, which can also be mounted on an arm using optional equipment. We will use it as a table version, as it is also flexible in use and can therefore also be used on another computer. Installation was easy, just plug in and go. But what there is still is a kind of digital mixer, with which you can set how loud individual programs should be, etc.

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But the most important thing: the sound. And that’s great. Full frequency response, the voice comes across absolutely unadulterated, directly and in a warm tone. I have tested other mics that are more “brute”, but this one is a little more reserved, less aggressive. In the business environment I find this mic absolutely recommendable!

Unpack, connect to the Mac and get started! Perfect! Good sound, easy operation and good functions! The automatic gain level is best. And actually the processing is totally ok! The thing shouldn’t be thrown around on a stage. A medium-quality micro + audio interface costs the same in something! Maybe I’ll save 30-40 euros, but they’re definitely worth the trouble-free use! At the moment the best USB micro solution on the market!

Unfortunately the USB micro with the software version Wave Link 1.04 has problems with my Macbook.

  1. – The microphone is often not recognized when the Macbook starts from sleep mode.
  2. – Extreme distortion up to inaudibility in the connected headphones with audio sources such as Slack or YouTube. As soon as you switch to the internal 3.5 jack, everything is fine again.

The distortions could be solved by Elgato Support by increasing a buffer from 60ms to 100ms! Fast reaction! Top! So again 4 stars. The second problem persists!

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Initially wanted to go for an Wave:3 but needed it urgently and only the Wave:1 would have arrived on time – so went with this one. Good choice for someone with a Stream Deck because:

  • a) I don’t want to mute the mic by touching it while being on camera. Stream Deck is a better choice for doing it while staying out of the picture with your hand.
  • b) The two more modes on the dial can be done via Stream Deck as well mich more efficiently without brining a clicking noise into the mic. And I don’t even need to change that often.
  • c) The difference in audio quality is on paper only, forget about it. Seriously.

Elgato Wave:1 Software

I’m not really using it for streaming but for non stop video conferences with MS teams. Doing a good job so far. The software is amazing and adds sooooo much value to the deal, that was the main reason for me to go for this one instead of a Rode mic.

Do think twice before though if a condenser mic is the right choice. I sound treated my room and have a very quiet environment but it still picks up my laptop fan. So use youtube to figure out if a dynamic mic might not be the better choice for you – although you probably need to spend quite a bit more.

Can’t reduce the star rating for that though because when you buy you know what type of mic you’re buying with all the advantages and disadvantages. For a relatively cheap mic including the software this is a great deal.

Overall a very good microphone at a reasonable price, although not the absolute winner in this area and this price range. Above all, it is a significant step up from a headset, clip-on or other cheap microphone and just as easy to set up.

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If you want to make professional sound recordings, you will certainly not use a USB microphone or a microphone in this price range, but for gaming, streaming and similar purposes I am absolutely satisfied with the sound quality. Some cheaper Noname USB mics also have the problem that they are simply too quiet under Windows 10 and that can hardly be fixed. This problem does not exist here. Plug it in and be happy. I am not (yet) using the Wave Link software. So I can’t comment on that.

What I really like and which has proven to be very practical is the capacitive mute button. For me, it replaces the shortcut to system-wide muting, which Windows apparently couldn’t afford anyway. If the microphone is mute, you can immediately see that the white ring around the rotary control changes to red. And because you only have to touch it and don’t really have to press a button, the other person at the other end doesn’t notice anything.

To consider: The Wave 3 is actually quite a plastic bomber and therefore very light. Probably too easy for some boom arm. In addition, due to the shape, you cannot use any spider you may already have. If you use the supplied stand you will also find that the connections for the cables are not optimally positioned. It can only be tilted back a little before the cable collides with the U-shaped holder, after which you would first have to reposition the cable. However, that hasn’t been a problem for me so far.

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