Argon Audio Forte A5: Compact Active Loudspeaker

Argon Audio Forte A5: Compact Active Loudspeaker

Danish manufacturers are often said to have a weakness for elegant design. Argon Audio also attaches great importance to a beautiful exterior for its devices, but there is a lot more to discover with the Forte A5.


Argon Audio Forte A5 Review

Active speakers are an excellent introduction to the hi-fi world. Especially today, when the smartphone is able to almost completely replace many source devices of yore, you are already excellently positioned with a good pair of active speakers. But the transducers of choice must also meet certain requirements in order to be really fun. With its compact Forte A5, Argon Audio wants to offer everything you need for modern music listening.

Danish elegance

With the claim to be practically the only visible component of a hi-fi system, the Forte A5 must of course be appropriately presentable. Argon finds a good mix of modern form and elegant minimalism here. Especially in the white version, the two speakers do well in modern living environments. The black version, in which the silver decorative rings around the drivers are replaced by bronze-colored elements, is visually a little bolder and will probably not convince every user. The stable cases with their rounded edges are well made and have a pleasantly high quality. Since the enclosed covers can be attached magnetically to the speakers, there are no holes in the front that would interfere with the clear lines of the Forte A5 when uncovered.

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Thought of everything

For most users today, the smartphone is the key to media playback, which is why the Forte A5 also supports wireless connection via Bluetooth. Argon Audio goes beyond the current standard and, in addition to AAC compatibility for iPhones, also offers aptX support, with which music can be transmitted to the speakers in CD quality. Various classic sources are also supported for this purpose. A pair of cinch sockets allows the connection of CD players or DAC, while a second connection is specially designed for the use of turntables with MM cartridge systems.

The AV devices such as televisions can also use the Forte A5 for audio output thanks to two optical digital inputs, with a subwoofer output opening up additional options. Or you can use the connections to connect to streamers, which can then transmit HiRes audio at up to 96 kHz at 24 bits. Even a USB-A port for powering a Chromecast Audio or similar small network interfaces has been thought of. Smartphones can also be charged during operation so that you don’t have to rely on the battery for the duration of playback.

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The large selection of available connections makes the active speakers so wonderfully versatile. Division of labor The Forte A5 is designed as a master-slave set. While the left box has all connections and the power supply, the right speaker is connected to the Master box with an enclosed cable. If the three-meter-long connection is not enough, you can also use variants with a length of six or 10 meters. The two-way system uses a one-inch dome tweeter with a neodymium drive, which is supported by a five-inch mid-range speaker. Argon Audio does without a classic crossover in favor of an active DSP control.

Four class D power amplifiers, each with 80 watts of power, then take care of driving the built-in drivers. As elegantly restrained as the optics of the active boxes are, it was just as lively in the laboratory. Here the A5 showed a slight emphasis in the high frequency range, combined with the rather restrained bass range, which extends to almost 80 Hz, the results sometimes deviate noticeably from the linearity that is considered ideal. In return, the couple offers a great radiation behavior at an angle and the tweeter works absolutely cleanly and free of resonance.


Sound and Practice

The fact that theory in reality is not always fully transferable to practice, but then becomes apparent in the operation of the loudspeakers. A title is selected on the tablet and played via the connected streamer. Thanks to the auto-on function, when you tap the cover, the speakers are immediately ready for use. The supposed focus on the treble is by no means noticeable negatively. Instead, the game of the Forte A5 appears pleasantly clear and detailed.

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In addition, the active loudspeakers offer a great spatiality, with beautiful depth graduation. The bass range could perhaps be a little more physical here and there, but overall the A5 looks pleasantly coherent and balanced. Argon’s compacts are also well positioned in the Pucto Power.

The powerful power amplifiers are able to fill even large rooms with high volume. Even very high in the performance spectrum, the A5 still works pleasantly clean and does not lose any of its clear freshness. The compact speakers are much larger than their dimensions would suggest35 and offer a great, dynamic sound regardless of the genre.



With a wide range of equipment and elegant design, Argon Audio’s active speakers are in tune with the times. The Forte A5 offers great sound from numerous sources and can easily keep up with larger systems. Here you get a lot of music fun for a more than fair price.

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